30 May 2021

The Popes and Democracy - Part IV. The Master Plan of the Devil 40. Diabolically Logical

Thus, the unholy trinity, viz. Rationalism, Human Messianism, and Liberalism, laid the ground-work for all the evils which are destroying modern society. Observe how gradual the process has been: a) Difference in religious views (affecting the soul). b) Alteration in philosophical thinking (affecting the intellect). c) Organisation and purpose of the physical world (affecting the will). Observe how logical the development: a) Reformation (dividing Christianity to weaken Divine Revelation). b) Rationalism (doubting that man can rely on Divine Revelation). c) Human Messianism (asserting that man can rely on himself). d) Liberalism (trusting man wholly). e) Capitalism (Human Messianism plus Liberalism). f) Democracy (Rationalism plus Liberalism). g) Technocracy (and Technolatry) - (nationalism plus Human Messianism). This development is too gradual and logical to leave any doubt that there is an Intelligence behind it. This Intelligence is that of the Power of Darkness. A number of Saints have said that, in the Latter Days, evil will be done by men of good will. There is no doubt that many Catholics believe in good faith that we are living in an age of progress, and that Modern Democracy IS Progress. The superficial advantages which it presents hide from many its intrinsic nature, the errors on which it is based, and the evils which accompany it. The deception of the Devil has worked.

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  1. It seems Satan himself has been well ensconced in the Catholic clergy -- and certainly the hierarchy directing the teachings and liturgy of the Church, especially since Vatican Two and Paul VI, (to my mind), of rather unhappy memory as he caused to be invented the unpleasantly deficient and Protestantised (AND Protestantising) Novus Ordo Missae! This alone, it seems, has lost millions of souls, and reduced beyond belief, a previously burgeoning Latin Rite Church! Look around you at how she has declined in Europe alone. AND now, the schism in Germany!!


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