31 January 2020

Has Elections Canada Become the Liberal Party Censor?

Daddy's Little Boy, a/k/a Justin 'Bieber' Trudeau, moves Canada ever closer to a Stalinist dictatorship.

From Everday For Life Canada

Rebel News is being investigated by Elections Canada. The director of Rebel News Ezra Levant wrote a book called, The Libranos to expose the Liberal corruption under the leadership of Justin Trudeau. The book came out during the last election and it seems that Trudeau wants to shut down anything that is critical of his time in office and the Liberal Party.

One would think that the job of a good journalist and news organization is to report the facts and offer an opinion based on the information provided. No, this is not good enough for Elections Canada. Levant received a legal notice before Christmas that his book publication possibly broke the law and that an investigation was started. We should note that there are no investigations of books published about Trudeau during the last election that were supportive of his leadership.

Yesterday Levant met with  two security officers working with Elections Canada in Ottawa. The  government  message is clear: show up and plead guilty even if you have done nothing wrong or things can get worse. Levant didn't follow instructions and was smart enough to record the kangaroo style interview. The officers weren't looking for the truth, but were on a fishing expedition to see how they could in any way find Levant guilty of a crime he didn't commit. The Elections Canada cops would nor tell Levant who was the complainant.

Canada is supposed to have freedom of speech and freedom of the press. These are the pillars of a democracy, in order for it to survive. The interrogation of Levant is something one would expect from Orwell's 1984 or from a dictatorship, not Canada. Canadians need to be on guard and support freedom of speech regardless of whether they're on the left or the right or somewhere in between. Freedom of speech is what we should all defend and promote. Elections Canada should not be the Liberal party censor. Do watch the interview and consider joining the battle for freedom of speech in Canada with a donation to Rebel News to legally push back. 

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