31 January 2020

“Your Problem Is That You Believe That a Father Is Necessarily a Male”-

May God have mercy on France! They have a madman as President of their Satanic Republic!

H/T to the Australian Family Coalition

"Your problem is that you believe that a father is necessarily a male".

Not the words of some trans activist, but the President of France!

With France currently debating IVF to create fatherless children, a pro-family leader bailed up President Macron at a recent event.

She asked him how he could honour the International Convention on the Rights of the Child and yet support the proposed new laws.

And Marcon's response: to question whether all fathers are necessarily male!

How can we have faith in political leaders when they can't even accept basic biology?

 (In French)

Macron : “Votre problème, c’est que vous croyez qu’un père est forcément un mâle”

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