28 January 2020

Critiquing James Martin, SJ All Year Long

One Mad Mom once again goes after Jimmy-Boy Martin, LGBTQXYZSJ, this time by simply quoting the Catechism to show his intellectual dishonesty.

From One Mad Mom

Well, now that the holidays are behind me and “Pro-life Weekend” is over (that’s a huge, busy deal in my house), I can finally write again.  Once again, I’d like to thank my go-to guy, Fr. James Martin, SJ, for providing me a bit of fodder just in the nick of time.  How kind of him!

Ah! There’s the perennial martyr I know and love! As usual, however, his comparisons are a bit off. Let me, once again, try to help him out.

In January I’m usually critiqued by the left for advocating for the unborn.
First of all, babies are being ripped apart all year long, so this should be the preeminent priority of all priests. Having your ego bruised by your normal groupies for doing so isn’t going to kill you. Really, I promise. The babies still have it worse. Now, I totally thank you for standing up against abortion, even if it’s in the usual seamless garment way, but maybe offer up the trauma to your pride for, you know, the ones actually being killed.

In June I’m usually critiqued by the right for advocating for LGBT people.
Next, you are not “advocating for LGBT people.” There is no such thing. There are simply humans made in the image and likeness of God. What you are advocating for is a completely immoral lifestyle.  You’re encouraging people not to repent of their sins, but to embrace the sins as godly. You are rightfully critiqued by those in the Body of Christ, and you will someday be judged by God, too.
Unlike you, though, I’m actually the one advocating for those with same-sex attraction. I want them to be treated with the dignity we are expected to show as the Body of Christ. I do not act as if they are incapable of overcoming sin. I do not teach them that sin is relative. I do not teach them that their sin is special. Those are your tricks. Instead, I ask them to join the rest of us in our struggle to overcome our stupid selves. I’m trying to keep them from throwing in with your complete loss of hope in this arena. I’m trying to keep them from thinking they can’t live as the Church teaches we ought. They can, and by joining us in the struggle, they can vastly improve their lives and the lives of the rest of the Body of Christ.

But it’s the same advocacy: for the dignity of all human life. All life is sacred.
And that’s a big fat “Nope!” It’s not the same advocacy.  While you might be advocating for an end to abortion, you are not advocating for the dignity of the same-sex attraction. Maybe take a look at the Catechism once in a while, Father?

1700 The dignity of the human person is rooted in his creation in the image and likeness of God (article 1); it is fulfilled in his vocation to divine beatitude (article 2). It is essential to a human being freely to direct himself to this fulfillment (article 3). By his deliberate actions (article 4), the human person does, or does not, conform to the good promised by God and attested by moral conscience (article 5).
Human beings make their own contribution to their interior growth; they make their whole sentient and spiritual lives into means of this growth (article 6). With the help of grace they grow in virtue (article 7), avoid sin, and if they sin they entrust themselves as did the prodigal son1 to the mercy of our Father in heaven (article 8). In this way they attain to the perfection of charity.
That points out one big difference right there.  Infants in the womb cannot contribute to their safety. There is no self-determination. Their freedom is eviscerated.

And more that follows up the same point:

1704 The human person participates in the light and power of the divine Spirit. By his reason, he is capable of understanding the order of things established by the Creator. By free will, he is capable of directing himself toward his true good. He finds his perfection “in seeking and loving what is true and good.“7”
Those suffering from SSA and, really, any other sin is capable of directing himself toward his true good. This is the not the same for the child in danger of abortion.
 1705 By virtue of his soul and his spiritual powers of intellect and will, man is endowed with freedom, an “outstanding manifestation of the divine image.”8
1706 By his reason, man recognizes the voice of God which urges him “to do what is good and avoid what is evil.”9 Everyone is obliged to follow this law, which makes itself heard in conscience and is fulfilled in the love of God and of neighbor. Living a moral life bears witness to the dignity of the person.
BAM! So what does NOT living a moral life do, Father???

1707 “Man, enticed by the Evil One, abused his freedom at the very beginning of history.”10 He succumbed to temptation and did what was evil. He still desires the good, but his nature bears the wound of original sin. He is now inclined to evil and subject to error:
Man is divided in himself. As a result, the whole life of men, both individual and social, shows itself to be a struggle, and a dramatic one, between good and evil, between light and darkness.11
And that just gets worse every time we give in to temptation. Don’t you think it might be a good idea, James Martin, SJ, to advise people to avoid and fight against temptation?

Then there’s a whole part on freedom AND responsibility.

1733 The more one does what is good, the freer one becomes. There is no true freedom except in the service of what is good and just. The choice to disobey and do evil is an abuse of freedom and leads to “the slavery of sin.“28
That’s where you’re helping to lead sinners, Fr. Martin, straight into the slavery of sin. We all have free will, but you might want to let people in on the fact that, just because people are free to choose sin, it doesn’t mean they should.

Of course, this section on the “Dignity of the Human Person” goes on and on with a lot of good stuff. I highly encourage a read. It tells of all the threats against it. Interestingly enough, most of the threats are from within ourselves. Nowhere does it advocate for or against the “LGBT” lifestyle or equate it with dignity, because lifestyles have little to do with human dignity. In fact, they are most often an attack on it.

So, yes, Fr. Martin. All life is sacred. That said, not all lifestyles are consistent with the dignity of the human person and many lead to the slavery of sin. This is why your January activities should be praised and your June activities should be shunned.

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