31 January 2020

Alleluia! Britain is Free!

It is 17.00 CDT, which means it's 23.00 in the UK and Britain is OUT OF THE EU! I've waited a long time for this day.

Years ago, when the European Union was still the European Economic Community and was true to the vision of its founders, as a federation of free and independent sovereign States, I was a strong supporter.

As it developed into the statist, anti-Christian and anti-Western unitary behemoth under German hegemony that it has become, subsuming the sovereignty of its subject States, I became an equally strong opponent. 

My Grandfather (Gnr, Royal Field Artillery) and my Uncle (Pvt, AEF) in the Great War, and my Father (PFC, 8th USAAF) and my Uncle (Sgt, The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's)) in the 1939-45 War, all fought to keep Britain free from German domination. 

It galled my soul to see 'British' politicians selling Britain, lock, stock, and barrel, to the Germans under the guise of 'membership in the EU'. When the Brexit referendum was called, even tho' I am an American, I became involved in the Leave Campaign. I joined both UKIP and Leave.eu, paying my membership subscription to the former and donating to the latter.

The day of the referendum, because of the time difference, I stayed up all night, posting on social media to encourage the leave vote. I then stayed awake as the votes were tallied. It was looking very bleak for Leave when I left the house to go to the pub to 'drown my sorrows' with a dram or two.

I returned home and began to compose an obituary for Britain to post on my Facebook page. I fell asleep in my chair whilst working on it.

I was awakened by the fellow I cared for at the time. He knew that waking me unnecessarily was not a good idea to say the least! As I began to verbally flay him alive, he shouted 'Shut up! YOU WON!'

I got out of my chair, went to the front porch where the Union Jack was proudly flying, took it from its holder, and waved it as I shouted, 'We Won! God bless Britain and God damn the EU!' I'm sure my neighbours were more than a little confused!

As I said, I've waited a long time for this day! God bless a free and independent Britain, and God save the Queen!

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