28 December 2019

Prostelyzation - Bad For Catholic Truth But Fine For Pachamama

Another take on the Pachamama 'catechesis' at the Papal Christmas concert.

From Restore DC Catholicism

A Christmas concert at the Vatican a few weeks ago featured a tutorial in how to participate in pachamama idol worship.  Yes, this idol-worship session was sponsored by the Congregation for Catholic Education.  That congregation's name is clearly a misnomer.  Both Gloria TV and Church Militant have accounts of the sacrilege.  They have translations but even with my limited knowledge of Latin-based languages, I can detect "mother earth" (madre terra).  What is particularly galling is how the prelates in the audience follow along like good little sheep dogs and cross their arms over their breasts to "feel the heart of mother earth".  Is that a liturgical gesture?  Well yes, but not Catholic.  Look to the right to see who uses that gesture in their ceremonies.   Did any of them, just one, keep their hands at their sides?

Doesn't this strike you as flagrant prostelyzation?  Gasp!  I thought that was forbidden in this new enlightened age of the "god of surprises".  But I guess that prohibition only applies to the actual fulfillment of Christ's commission to proclaim the Gospel. 

But of course this wasn't prostelyzation you see?  This is just a part of what Pope Francis said when he said that church must "adapt" lest it become "irrelevant".   He states that "the faith in Europe and much of the west...is often derided, denied, marginalized and ridiculed".  That's true, but his antics are a big reason why that's the case.  He is constantly undermining her teachings instead of upholding them while he yaps about "climate change" and other nonsense.  What else would he expect the world to do?

He also points the finger (again!) at faithful Catholics who uphold Jesus' teachings.  I suppose one of them would be Dr Josef Seifert who has stated that if what the pope teaches is in contradiction to perennial Church teaching, then we have a solemn duty not to obey it.  Take note well.  Obviously this prohibition would mean that we don't obey cues to assume idolatrous worship practices or allow for disregard of the Church's moral teachings.  It also means that we are NOT permitted to shill for the abolition of the death penalty nor for de facto open borders.

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