Monday, 30 September 2019

A Cri De Coeur From an Average Briton on Facebook...

Regarding the unconstitutional coup of 24 September 2019 and the destruction of the Constitutional Monarchy.

To anyone crowing about the Supreme Courts action yesterday:- "The Supreme Court is an EU affiliated Court. No British law or Constitution was broken by the Prime Minister proroguing Parliament but the Europhile judges quoted EU law in their summation. This is a constitutional coup by unelected Supreme Court judges, where no law was broken, yet you wish to celebrate it? The courts have no place in politics. That's why the powers were separated after the Civil War. Where is the scrutiny? Where is the public accountability? Who are these people who have literally just invented a new law without Monarch or Parliament being involved in the process and you are happy about it? 

Frankly you have no understanding as to what just happened yesterday. If you did, you'd be as appalled as the rest of us. Dicey described the separation of powers as being necessary for good reason, as without that separation then Parliamentary Supremacy cannot exist. The Judiciary cannot make laws and then rule on them, that is tyranny and as such the Judiciary needs to be subordinate to Parliament. After yesterdays ruling, the Supreme Court has just put itself above that of the Monarch. Which has effectively put them as Head of State and removed the Monarch as Head of the Judiciary. With the consequence being that we are no longer a Constitutional Monarchy but a Constitutional Supreme-ocracy. Have you no concept of what this means to the very foundation of our systems of governance? We are ruled by unelected judges. We have a Politburo. Democracy is officially dead. Your votes count for nothing. Your Parliament counts for nothing. Manifestos that gained MP's election now count for nothing as the Supreme Court has deemed itself capable of overruling all, including the Queen. This is a Constitutional Coup by an unelected group of 11 judges that has just overturned 400 years of convention that was needed to end the Civil War. Where yesterday they invented a law, outside of Parliament, then implemented it. That excess of power was why we had an uprising against the sitting Monarch, yet we are back here again through the arrogance of those who simply will not accept a vote that they disagree with. God help us all " Credit David Winder.

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