16 August 2019

Gabriel Garcia Moreno (1821-1875)

Moreno was reluctant to become his country’s president, because he hoped for a monarchy ruled by a prince of the Spanish royal family. I highly recommend the biography, Gabriel Garcia Moreno: Regenerator of Ecuador, by Mrs Maxwell-Scott.

From Catholic Monarchist League

"There is also the heroic witness of the Catholic president of Ecuador, Gabriel Garcia Moreno (1821-1875). His presidency had been foretold by Our Lady to Venerable Mariana de Jesus Torres (1563-1635) during the approved apparitions in Quito, Ecuador, in the 15th and 16th centuries. During the 19th century, Ecuador was a country in turmoil, suffering greatly from a very anti-clerical and anti-Catholic movement. As a devout Catholic, Gabriel Moreno was not pleased with the direction Ecuador was taking and sought public office to try to turn things around. He ran for the presidency of the country and won! As part of his reform movement, he led the people by both prayer and example. He attended Mass on a daily basis, gave a good example to his people by being very active in a Marian sodality, and prayed the rosary every day. On some days, he would even go out into the streets and pray the rosary with his citizens. He so loved his country that he gave his salary to charity. Moreno led Ecuador to become the leader amongst Latin American countries in science, higher education, and literacy during the 19th century. He also consecrated Ecuador to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This consecration greatly disturbed the Freemasons in the country, and they sought to kill him. After being elected president for a third term, a secret society - most likely the Freemasons - Murdered him in 1875. He was shot six times and stabbed 14. His last words to his executioners were: "I die, but God does not!" Shortly after his death, Bl. Pope Pius IX stated that President Moreno had died a victim for the faith. Moreno was one of the greatest Catholic presidents the world has ever known." (Champions of the Rosary by Donald H. Calloway, MIC)

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