27 May 2022

Québec Catholics Joined the Vatican in Fighting Freemasonic Corruption

Oh, for the days when Quebec was Catholic and its people would come to the defence of the Faith, not work to destroy it like today!

From Catholic365

By Jacinta Boudreau

First let us note that the book quoted here (Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked, by Msg George F. Dillon, DD) was presented to Pope Leo XIII and that the Pope "was pleased to order that the Italian version should be completed, and the book printed and published at Rome at his own expense." (The Month, Sept. 1885)" And the original contains a foreword by an unnoted author, a letter of endorsement from Pope Leo XIII dated 6 September 1885 

Also both Pope Pius IX and Pope Leo XIII requested for The Alta Vendita, another Freemasonic publication that is quoted, to be published to the general public. 

We must also stress that Freemasonry (and other secret societies) have been condemned "at least 53 times since 1738, and has specifically repeated the condemnation of freemasonry 21 times." ("Catholic & Freemasonry" Fr. William Saunders) and the Vatican even has a document explaining the "Irreconcilability between Christian faith and Freemasonry". See also the Catholic Answers document on, "What is the Catholic Church's official position on Freemasonry?" Therefore, Freemasonry is not a "conspiracy theory" but rather are considered a threat to the Catholic Church and to "both domestic and civil society." If you cannot take the issue of immodesty and impurity seriously, at least take the danger of Freemasonry seriously, as the Church has consistently warned. 

Let us continue. 

In March 1919 "La Bonne Parole" published an article titled, "Les modes actuelles" "Current Fashions" explaining that, "From the origin of Christianity, Saint Peter and Saint Paul traced the rules of the propriety of the fashions; the Fathers of the Church, then Saint François de Sales, Richelieu, Bossuet, Bourdaloue, Massillon, Father de Ravignan, Mgr d'Hulst, and how many other preachers, finally the last four popes, the bishops of France." They go on to say that, "thanks to the extravagances of the fashions, they (women) unconsciously undergo the subjection of a diabolically plotted plan, the aim of which is to demoralize women, with a view to dechristianizing and corrupting society. Here it is, this occult and infamous plan of the F.-M. (Freemasons) which is the watchword of the sect, and which should be displayed everywhere in conformity with the wish expressed by Leo XIII in his immortal Encyclical Humanum Genus: '(T)ear away the mask from F.-M. (Freemasonry), and to let it be seen as it really is.'"

"Let us listen to and remember this slogan of the Synagogue of Satan (This word is used for the Freemasons by Pope BI. Pius IX in his Encylical "Etsi Multa") : 'We have undertaken corruption on a grand scale, the corruption which must one day lead us to put the Church in the tomb... Since we cannot suppress the woman, let us corrupt her. to undertake is not the work of a day, or a month, or a year; it can last several years, perhaps a century; friends, in our ranks, the soldier dies and the fight continues ... Let us popularize vice in the multitudes ... Let them breathe it in with the five senses, let them drink it, let them saturate themselves with it. vicious, and you will have no more Catholics.'" (Castellamare, 9th August, 1838 and The Alta Vendita)

 "This plan of corruption with a view to the dechristianization of the human race continues in any case. Formerly, an f.-m. municipal councilor of Paris, said: "We want to wrest from young girls this sacred feeling of modesty." (They use the word, "pudeur" which means, "a sense of modesty, shame, decency, sobriety, chastity")

The article continues,

"The Masonic sect which calls itself the counter-Church unleashes all the vices to crush Catholicism more quickly through corruption: 'The best dagger to strike the Church in the heart is corruption. At work therefore until the end!' 

You now understand, ladies, that the Church, guardian of the faith and of hearts, she who knows nothing of the diabolical plans of the sect, cannot, without betraying her sacred mission, to abstain from condemning with severe words the growing immodesty of the feminine costume. 

The Belgian bishops, in a famous collective letter, recalled, before the war, the too forgotten precepts of Christian modesty."

 In December 1920 "La Bonne Parole" published an article that quotes,

"Association of Manufacturing Employees — During a recent meeting of this Association, Miss Phanuef had the happy idea of drawing attention to the need for young girls to take part in the "fight against 'indecency of fashions', which the Federation has just included in the program of its next congress. She suggested practical ways for young girls to maintain Christian propriety while respecting the demands of fashion. This advice boils down to a few very wise rules which good taste should lead us to follow: avoid exaggeration: no skirts that are too short, bodices that are too low-cut and fabrics that are too transparent, or, if we use these last, add a few silky and light linings which in no way spoil the aesthetic effect. We can all benefit from such wise advice."

In November 1928, they cite the Catholic Feminine League  approved by the Archbishops of Montreal and Québec, responding "to a request from His Holiness Pius XI: Become apostles of modesty in clothing."

"The League is the union of all women of good will to assure the triumph of the Christian spirit over the pagan spirit and to safeguard the purity of one morals." The members "are very convinced and very fervent leaguers who not only want the triumph of Christian modesty, but also undertake to support by their good examples, their good words, their advice, or their remarks the courage of the members."

The articles go on and on. It is very frightening to see how much of a hold Freemasonry has on the Church and its members today, with even our own Pope, God bless him, quoting from the very same Freemasonic French Revolutionaries in his Encylical "Fratelli Tutti"; "Liberty, equality and fraternity"! Which was lauded by the Gran Logia (Grand Lodge of Spain ), claiming, "Pope Francis' latest encyclical shows how far the current Catholic Church is from its former positions. In 'Fratelli Tutti', the Pope embraces Universal Fraternity, the great principle of Modern Freemasonry." Recently, Nuovo Hiram, the quarterly magazine of the masonic Grand Orient lodge in Italy endorsed Pope Francis' document, “Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together” as “innovative” and a “slow-release drug” that could herald a “new era” and represent a “turning point for a new civilization. (Italian Freemasonry Magazine Endorses Vatican’s Document on ‘Human Fraternity’, Edward Pentin, National Catholic Register, May 16 2020)” This is the same document which frighteningly states, "The pluralism and the diversity of religions, colour, sex, race and language are willed by God in His wisdom, through which He created human beings." Whether this was all an oversight by the Pope or not, this is still extremely unnerving. Let us pray that the terrifying dream of the Freemasons, "That which we ought to demand, that which we should seek and expect, as the Jews expected the Messiah, is a Pope according to our wants,"(PERMANENT INSTRUCTION OF THEALTA VENDITA) never comes true.

 Let us use all of this information to amend our own lives and to pray and work ever more fervently to abolish the evil rot of Freemasonry from the Church of Jesus Christ!



1. The author of this article fully accepts the Magisterium and is obedient to the Chair of Peter.

2. Castellamare, 9th August 1838, full quote:

"It is corruption en masse that we have undertaken: the corruption of the people by the clergy, and the corruption of the clergy by ourselves; the corruption which ought, one day to enable us to put the Church in her tomb. I have recently heard one of our friends, laughing in a philosophic manner at our projects, say to us: 'in order to destroy Catholicism it is necessary to commence by suppressing woman.' The words are true in a sense; but since we cannot suppress woman, let us corrupt her with the Church, corruptio optimi pessima. The object we have in view is sufficiently good to tempt men such as we are; let us not separate ourselves from it for some miserable personal satisfaction of vengeance. The best poniard with which to strike the Church is corruption. To work, then, even to the very end."

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