28 May 2022

Trivializing the Eucharist for All the World To See

Mr Griffey looks at the reaction of the liberals to Pelosi defying her Bishop.

From Daffey Thoughts

By David Griffey

Is what I'm seeing a particular group of Catholics do in light of the news about Nancy Pelosi:

Beyond the very Protestant approach of 'if you don't like this Bishop's version of Catholicism, just drive down the street and find a Bishop's version of Catholicism you do like' approach, it essentially mocks the Eucharist.

After all, nothing says 'Psssst, we don't really think it's anything other than a wafer and some wine' more than acting like it's nothing other than a wafer and some wine. Because nothing says to the world that we believe there is nothing real or substantive that goes on at Communion than acting as if it is a commodity to be bargained over by the highest bidders.

Nope, in the last two years as the world has revealed itself, we've watched in stunned amazement as line in the sand after line in the sand is stepped over by those who would conform to the world. And now we have Catholics acting as if the Eucharist is everything the world has said it is, and less.

In fairness, Sam is hardly the only Catholic to react this way. His was just one of the more flippant.

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