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Episcopal Cathedral in Albuqerque To Insult the Church by Hosting a Fake Ordination of a Jesuit-Trained "Wymyn". Wherein Fr. Z Makes a Proposal.

The Priestesses are at it again, aided and abetted by the moribund Episcopal Church. Why doesn't she just get 'ordained' by them? They need the help.

From Fr Z's Blog

Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter, like a schismatic jackhammer, keeps pounding away.

How is it that the US Bishops have not yet demanded that they remove the word “Catholic” from their title?  They were already told by the local bishops where their abatoir is located.

Are they… afraid?

Here’s Fishwrap today:

Future womanpriest ‘Father Anne’ blames God for leading her towards ordination

When asked why she has chosen to be ordained as a Roman Catholic priest [Note how the false premise (that a woman can be ordained to any order of Holy Orders) is simply accepted by the Fishwrap writer?] — thus breaking the Catholic Church’s ban on the ordination of women and crossing the threshold of formal excommunication — Anne Tropeano’s response is simple.  [As opposed to informal?]

“God is asking me to do this,” she says. “God is calling me to be ordained in the Roman Catholic tradition and to work for justice.”  [Maybe.. just maybe… it’s just you and not God.  What she does understand is that “vocation” actually happens during the ordination when your name is called by someone with authority to do so.]

Tropeano, whose use of the moniker “Father Anne” has helped attract wide coverage of her coming Oct. 16 ordination ceremony from various secular media outlets, including The New Yorker magazine, portrays her choice as part of a long spiritual journey.  [Not all journey’s are good journey’s.  There are, in fact, “bad trips”.]

Though she received the sacraments as a child, Tropeano was not raised in the church and did not begin to practice the faith until her late 20s, when she went through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. [Wait for it…]

“I moved to Portland with a band I was managing, and it was there, while attending a Jesuit parish, that the call emerged,” Tropeano said in a recent NCR interview. “The Jesuits took me under their wing[DING DING… Say the magic word…] I began to pray, do retreats and become active in the parish community.”

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius “changed me profoundly and forever,” said Tropeano, whose ordination is being organized by the Association of Roman Catholic [Not] Womenpriests.

Part of a movement that began in 2002 with the [non] ordination of seven women by a Catholic bishop in a clandestine ceremony on the Danube River, the association is one of two such groups of women claiming apostolic succession. They say there are now [not] some 250 ordained women worldwide.

The official [yawn] Catholic Church disputes their claims. In his 1994 apostolic letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, Pope John Paul II said, “the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women.” Pope Francis further codified the church’s stance this June, updating canon law to reflect a 2007 decree that women who are ordained be automatically excommunicated.

Tropeano’s ordination is scheduled to occur at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  [What an insulting middle-finger to the Church. Let’s see of the local Archbishop reacts to this astonishing insult.]

She portrayed the Jesuits’ influence on her as fundamental.  [Funda – mental]

“They taught me to pray,” she said. [Pray to….?] “That was when I heard a call — not just to be a priest, but specifically a Jesuit priest. [Wow.] How could God be calling me to do something impossible?”

Tropeano began doing pastoral ministry, but that was not enough to satisfy her call. At age 40 she began studies at the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley, California, which is now part of Santa Clara University.


Really sad person.

Very sad publication.

On the other hand….

Think this through.

The Jesuits allow only men in their ranks.

Jesuits are among the most visible of discrimination against women in the entire Church!

It would be a matter of social justice, diversity, accompaniment, discernment and even “walking together” for the Jesuits to embrace this “ordination”, participate in it, and get some Jesuit bishop to do the ordination at the Episcopal cathedral for the sake of ecumenism… among… non-Catholics!

We demand – Pachamama demands – that the Jesuits put to right all these centuries of discrimination!

Francis must ACT and ACT NOW!   In a way, she embodies what you are all pushing!

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