31 October 2021

COVID Passports and Secret Ordinations

Mr Kokx has some follow-up thoughts on Dr Kwasnieski's Clandestine Ordinations Against Church Law: Lessons from Cardinal Wojtyła and Cardinal Slipyj.

From One Peter Five

By  Stephen Kokx 

International travel regulations are heading in a direction that may mean individuals won’t be able to enter or leave a given country without proof of having received the COVID shot. If that comes true, it could imperil the future of the Catholic faith.

Dr. Peter Kwasniewksi recently penned an article for OnePeterFive arguing that papally-unapproved ordinations may have to take place in the years ahead given the proliferation of Liberalism and Modernism in the church.

His essay makes a comparison between the actions of French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1988 — when he consecrated four bishops against the wishes of John Paul II — and other instances of clergy acting without the pope’s support.

Kwasniewski mentions, in particular, Ukrainian Cardinal Josyf Slipyj and Polish Cardinal Karol Wojtyła, both of whom clandestinely passed on holy orders behind the Iron Curtain seemingly against the wishes of pope Paul VI during the middle part of the 20th century.

What’s interesting about Kwasniewski’s article is that when read in light of vaccine passports and COVID lockdowns, it should remind Catholics that we’re on the precipice of not just another “Iron Curtain” situation — where a handful of countries are shrouded in spiritual darkness — but a planetary blackout that could leave entire continents without the true faith.

Take Germany for instance. Arguably the most dissident group of bishops in the Latin church, German clerics are witnessing the faith practically disappear in their land. Who will ordain the next generation of orthodox priests? Cardinal Marx?

One could also look at the sad state of Catholicism in Ireland. As LifeSiteNews has previously reported, St. Patrick’s Seminary in Maynooth has announced that only four men have joined the country’s only diocesan seminary in 2021. That’s believed to be the lowest number since the seminary’s foundation in 1795. The light of Catholicism has all but gone out in the land of St. Patrick.

It’s not difficult to foresee a situation in the near future where countries begin to ban “outsider,” non-vaxxed bishops like Athanasius Schneider from entering to perform ordinations. If that happens, entire countries will effectively become spiritual concentration camps with only the priests and bishops inside the camp to rely on. If those places don’t have bishops willing to pass on holy orders to solidly formed, traditional priests, then the real Catholic faith in those nations may be in great danger.

Of course, it goes without saying that God will not be stopped, and that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church. But, Scripture does warn that when Christ returns it’s questionable as to whether or not He’ll find any faith left. Satan, in other words, will not eradicate Catholicism from existence, but that doesn’t mean international Freemasonry can’t successfully stamp out the Church’s presence from entire continents for a duration of time.

To Whom Shall Catholics Go?

Catholics need to ask themselves the following question: how many orthodox Cardinals and bishops are there left in the Church? I myself think the number is extremely low. Maybe even less than a dozen or so. I agree with Archbishop Vigano’s assessment that the true Church is being eclipsed by a “conciliar” imposter, a sort of New World Order spiritual vassal state in service of global elites working to bring about the Great Reset and lay the foundations for the coming of the anti-Christ.

No doubt there are bishops across the world who are “friendly” with groups like the FSSP, ICKSP, and others who want to pass on the traditional liturgy. But if the Modernist usurpers in Rome are going to use Traditionis Custodes to stifle those communities, as it appears they will, the future of the faith could get pretty bleak for loyal Catholics in countries where those priests reside and where leftist bishops occupy the positions of power. They’ll simply refuse to ordain and consecrate traditional candidates.

Some might think that the SSPX will always be there for traditional Catholics to fall back on, and that if things get bad enough, diocesan priests and laity will just jump ship and join with them. Well, right now the SSPX has three bishops in the entire world, and 700 or so priests. Three bishops, the youngest of whom is 63, is simply not enough to service the worldwide traditional Catholic community, which has grown exponentially since Lefebvre’s ’88 consecrations. Moreover, what if one of them succumbs to old age or sickness, or is prevented from leaving Europe because they don’t have a Green Pass? What will happen then to the traditional community across the world?

I think it’s safe to say that history will have a high regard for those Catholics that are and have been taking actions to ensure the survival of Tradition in as many places of the world as possible. The enemies of Christ who run this planet are undoubtedly scheming to put an end to the true Catholic faith. COVID passports are a strong weapon in that fight right now.

Catholics need to take precautions immediately and make sure they’re living in a country and/or state not far from those bishops who are willing to take Dr. Kwasniewski’s advice and pass on holy orders without Vatican approval. It may be the only way they’ll have access to the sacraments in the years ahead.

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