Friday, 15 October 2021

Assault on the Seal and Creeping Incrementalism

Fr Zed's thoughts on the situation in France and the French Government's frontal assault on the Seal of the Confessional. Remember, the French Republic was conceived in the blood of thousands of Catholics, martyred for their Faith!

From Fr Z's Blog

One of the direct assaults of Hell on the Church is the undermining by the state of the Seal of Confession.

At the Italian La Nuova Bussola, there is a report on the disaster in FRANCE over the abuse scandal which has erupted.

The summit meeting between the French Minister of the Interior and the President of the Bishops’ Conference ends with an notice: “Catholic priests must report the allegations of abuse heard in confession”. The priestly vocation is defined as a profession and therefore the secret of Confession a confessional secret. But this is not the case. It is clear that with the excuse of a still wholly ambiguous report in the cases and in the numbers, the assault on the Church has started.  Who replied weakly with a statement in which he defined the position of the minister only “clumsy”.

Catholic priests in France “must report the allegations of abuse heard in confession.” This is the absolute claim of the Minister of the Interior of the French Republic to the President of the Episcopal Conference during the meeting yesterday afternoon at the Ministry of the Interior. For the Minister of the Macron government, nothing can be above the laws of the Republic, not even the command of Jesus of confessional secrecy, as the President of the Catholic Bishops had and reiterated.

There is a lot more.  But it ends….

What is ‘clumsy’ in defending the confessional secret and the command of Jesus? So, will the Church of France yield to Macron’s threats and claims, after thousands of priests perished for refusing the pretensions of Robespierre?

Another sign that the Restrainer is no longer restraining?

In a while it will be illegal for priests to hear confessions without risking jail or worse.

It is a tactic to fulfill a strategy: creeping incrementalism.   They bash away and move the needle one more tick in the direction they want it to go.  Then they back off, having won some more people to their side.  Something else happens and they bash at the bruise that they had made before.  They move a few more into their camp.  They do this again and again until it passing a law – or striking one down? Griswold? Obergefell, anyone?   – seems the normal thing to do.

This is the track they are on.

Read this through a lens of current events: massive government and MSM pressure – pressure? – like a trash-compacting garbage truck on fire barrelling down on you – for the jab.

This pops up: network with sound Catholics and a few priests.  Get things now.

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