29 December 2020

Not Shocked in California

More blasphemous heresy from a Jesuit. Like OMM, I am not shocked. 

From One Mad Mom

Now that things have quieted down a bit after Christmas Day, I had time to peruse Twitter a bit. In the “nothing changes” file, a Jesuit has said something utterly stupid.

Again, not shocking in the least. It should be but it’s totally not. The only thing missing was to work in some member of the Holy Family (or all of them) as being “gay.” I do imagine the poor “Jesuit regent” (a Jesuit in formation) is getting some whacks over the head by those seasoned at being Jesuitical. Probably a little something like this:

James Martin, SJ: “Davey! Did you flunk “How to Say it Without Saying it 101”?!?!”

Donal Godfrey, SJ: “Way to leave out the entire LGBTQSJ community, Davey.”

Luke Hansen, SJ: “Don’t blame me. I just work with him. Clearly, the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley, California, was far superior at teaching us how to do the Jesuitical thing.”

Of course, every one of them probably spews the same heresies and errors when nobody’s around, but at least they understand that they will be called out if they should utter it in the larger Catholic world. They know they’d lose their ability to say “How dare you call me a heretic!” Junior here, clearly hasn’t learned that lesson yet.

So, what do you think Xavier U is going to do with him? He is, after all, on their spiritual direction staff. https://www.xavier.edu/cfj/spiritualdirection If you guess nothing, I’d probably say you are correct. Parents should drop Xavier from their child’s college list. You might drop Archbishop Schnurr a note http://www.catholiccincinnati.org/about-us-2/contact-us/, and maybe a note, as well, to President Michael J. Graham, SJ, via his executive assistant at balloum@xavier.edu

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