30 December 2020

Gab Launches YouTube Alternative Gab TV

A new front has opened in the war against Big Tech censorship. I wish them every success and a speedy downfall of YouTube!

From Reclaim the Net

By Didi Rankovic

Free speech video, 

Gab, that is known as an alternative and free speech social network, has decided to make a foray into video sharing.

CEO Andrew Torba says the goal of the new platform is to represent new media that belongs to their independent creators and users, with free speech as the center.

The decision to launch GabTV comes amid what is referred to as the tyranny of Big Tech but also of legacy, corporate media whose censorship is aimed at promoting those behind them and suppressing all other voices.

One of the developments that has exacerbated, but also laid bare the long-term simmering censorship behind powerful and influential platforms like YouTube has been the US election, and the announcement mentions a recent decision to delete content making the claim that widespread fraud took place during that vote.

Accusing established media and Big Tech of acting in unacceptable and un-American ways, including allegations that Google, the YouTube owner, has engineers linked with China’s Communist Party, GabTV aims to be an alternative to existing media and one that promotes American values of freedom.

The new platform wants provide top video and performance quality, which means that users will be able to watch content in resolution up to 1080p HD supported by devices such as phones, computers, and TV sets.

GabTV will also offer audio-only versions to accommodate low data plans but also features such as picture-in-picture that enables multitasking on various devices.

The platform is geared toward independents, while the business behind it is to “sell our valuable video hosting and distribution service to creators” while rejecting the competition’s model of data mining and tracking.

Users will be able to view, share and embed videos on GabTV without a Gab account, while those with it will also be able to vote and comment. GabPRO account holders can distribute their content on Gab or on their own sites.

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