28 November 2020

The End of Girls’ Sports in Schools

I've been beating this drum ever since the 'trans' insanity began. For years, the battle was for equity in women's sport. Now it is for the survival of women in competitive sport.

From Everyday For Life Canada

"Selina Soule was one of the top five female high school sprinters in Connecticut... until competing against biological boys changed the game. Now, women aren’t just losing their races — they’re losing their chances to compete at all. Why is this happening? And what should we do about it?" 

Selina makes a very sound case why letting boys who identify as "girls" compete in sports with girls, puts the girls at a huge physical disadvantage. The biological girls have no chance of beating the boys who feel they are "girls." They win competitions hands down. This is the real fallout of bad decisions and policies made by schools boards in an effort to implement biased inclusion and equity legislation. These woke and progressive policies will hurt many students. The lives of students are being made more difficult and confusing. It's also unjust and discriminatory. Selina has been forced to seek a legal remedy. We hope that she wins the court case, not just for her but for all girls trying to participate fairly in school sports.

Here's the PragerU video where Selina explains the injustice:

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