28 November 2020

Only the Worst People Disagree With Pope Francis

Or at least that's what Francis would have you think. Here's a link to some of the insults he reserves for those who disagree with him, with their sources.

From Daffey Thoughts

By Dave Griffey

I know this because Pope Francis makes this clear, especially if you're disagreeing with his acceptance of various leftwing narratives. Oh, you can disagree with him on all that Jesus and Trinity and boys and girls existing, and it's no problem. True, Pope Francis himself is the first to point to the problems with transgender mutilations, abortion for convenience, and marriage between men and any combination thereof. But if you'll notice, he seldom condemns or judges those who endorse, promote or practice these. The closest he seems to have come is being troubled with the manifold problems that are associated with transgender surgery, especially on children. But again, no real condemnation of the motives or reasons why people do and support such things.

All such 'love the sinner/hate the sin' goes out the window, however, when it comes to people who challenge decidedly left leaning narratives around various issues like capitalism, socialism, open border post-national globalism, global warming, or the fighting the Covid crisis. In those cases, Pope Francis seldom appears much different than old socialist and liberal professors I had, liberal and socialist and Marxist pundits and columnists, journalists, and most leftwing politicians.

And those who challenge such narratives or political policies and opinions? Why, according to Pope Francis, they're the lowest of the low. Rigid is the best they can hope for. Everything they do is for the most wicked and evil reasons. They're greedy. They're bigoted. They're callous, uncaring and care not for the suffering of the innocent. They are truly the basket of deplorables, and Pope Francis has their numbers and thinks nothing about judging them, their motives and their ideas.

Ever notice? Pope Francis became an overnight superstar with the Left when he first made his famous 'who am I to judge?' statement about homosexuality. That sentiment clearly exists for most sins, evils, and other failings associated with modern, secular liberalism, Marxist thinking, and various other left wing political movements and ideals that run afoul of traditional Christian orthodoxy. He may say these things aren't good. He may even say they are themselves evil. But I've seldom noticed him impugning the motives of those behind them.

But it doesn't hold for those who believe in more traditional values, those who look to the special contributions of Western Christian civilization. Or heck, the special contributions of Christianity in general. For those who do such things, Pope Francis wades into them, assuming the worst of everything they are, and letting fly one volley of judgement after another. In fact, that's the biggest problem I see. Give me der panzer papa all you want. Show me a brass knuckles, fist and kicking pope going after the baddies all day long. But it should be more, what? For the Gospel? For Jesus? For the Church?

In fact, Pope Francis seems to put a low premium on those things. Perhaps to him the Gospel is political narratives and socialist economic theory as espoused by modern political liberalism. If it isn't, then he doesn't seem to care as much about the Gospel as he cares about our hopes and salvation brought to us through the horses and chariots of such political and economic theories and policies. That's where his pronouncements always hover, that's where he says our problems always reside. Those who challenge such things - not rejecting Jesus or the Gospel, but rejecting such economic and political theories - are those for whom he reserves his wrath and sometimes contempt. And that, to me, is a big problem.

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