30 April 2020

The 2020 Rosary Crusade Against Marxism

Just as Fr Heilman calls tomorrow our 'Spiritual D-Day', Mr Schaetzel is starting a one-man Rosary Crusade against Marxism and asks us to join him, starting tomorrow.

From Complete Christianity

By Shane Schaetzel

While the world is focused on the Wuhan Virus (COVID-19), something more insidious is taking root beneath the surface. It’s an old enemy, and a familiar one, but new life is being breathed back into its body. That enemy is Marxism. When I say Marxism, I’m speaking of both communism and socialism, two wicked manifestations of the same evil ideology, both from the mind of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in the latter half of the 19th century. In truth, communism is nothing more than socialism on steroids. The two are one in the same.

Marxism is nothing new. It’s just a modern manifestation of the same old Gnostic religion from ages past, wherein it is believed that man is inherently good, and the material world is inherently bad. To obtain utopia, man must overcome the material world by personal and social detachment from all material things. Marxism (socialism and communism) is just a modern attempt to accomplish this very thing using atheism, social sciences and economic coercion as its tools. The concept is explored further in this article from the New Oxford Review.

The Gnostic insight brings clarity to the mystery of Marxism. There is nothing new about it, save the addition of godless atheism replaced by a pseudo-religion of scientism, providing dogma for those who reject God and organized religion. Enlightenment, and thereby ascendancy, is attained through gnosis (knowledge) that government is the only god you need. Thus, the Cult of the Omnipotent State takes on a new form for the modern era. Instead of worshiping a king or emperor as a demigod sent from the gods from Olympus, Valhalla or the sky, man worships himself as the highest “divinity” known, so that the most powerful man or woman (the head of state) sits as a “god” over all the lesser “gods” (regular people).

Marxism is usually described strictly in terms of economics and politics. However, there is a much darker side to Marxism, often neglected by historians and social commentators. This is Marxism’s dark moral ideology that focuses on three main things: coercion, theft and sex. Coercion we understand, as we’ve seen its most egregious abuses in communist states. Theft we are somewhat familiar with, as all Marxist societies (whether communist or socialist) are based on theft, that of confiscating both personal finances and private property for public (really government) ownership. However, sex is something we don’t usually associate with Marxism, but in truth, Marxism is based very heavily on the disassociation of sex with traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

This notion comes to Marxism by way of Friedrich Engels, who asserted that the traditional family is nothing more than a product of capitalism, and in order to attain Marxist utopia, the family (as we know it) must be transformed. Engels proposed that ancient tribal societies were the first Marxists (socialists/communists) who shared everything collectively. The concept of private property was foreign to them. The traditional family was as well. Engels asserted that ancient tribal societies existed in a promiscuous horde in which there were no restrictions on sexual relationships. However, with the emergence of feudalism, and ultimately capitalism, a system of monogamous marriage was created and enforced, solely for the purpose of allowing the rich and powerful a means to pass on their material wealth to their children, while keeping the poor separated from the rich as an oppressed and exploited class. Thus, the rich mingle among their own families (good stock, upper class or Bourgeoisie), while the poor mingle among their families (bad stock, lower class or Proletariat). The family structure itself (father, mother and children) serves as a method of instilling respect for the hierarchical structure of capitalism, thus keeping the rich in power and the poor oppressed.

Engels’ contribution to Marxism is what led to the first sexual revolution, not in the West, but rather in Soviet Russia, way back in 1920! During this decade, the new communist state embarked on an experiment of sexual liberation. Nude beaches were opened up along the Moskva River, near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. Spouse-swapping (swinging) was encouraged by the Communist Party, and even required among Party leaders. Marriage itself was highly discouraged. Homosexuality was encouraged, as well as praised, by this new communist morality. Ironically, the whole experiment didn’t last long. The Russians quickly learned the value of the traditional family with the rampant spread of sexually-transmitted diseases (STD), the wide promulgation of pornography which often exploited both women and children, the breakdown of all social norms, followed by the development of children into dysfunctional adults. The experiment lasted just one decade, and was ruled to be an absolute failure. Soviet Russia then swung the opposite direction, toward prudishness, banning all forms of sexual deviancy, and requiring Russians to follow the traditional family model as much as possible, even making sexual topics taboo.

The errors of Russia (Marxist communism) included not just the destruction of economies and the political order, but also the destruction of the family and sexual norms. What Soviet Russia learned from its own sexual revolution (1920s) is how effective sexual license can be at destroying a civilization. This was, most likely, why the Soviets encouraged sexual liberation in the West, while they were simultaneously planting the seeds of socialism into Western universities, news media and the entertainment industries. What communist Russia learned, by following the precepts of their own Marxist ideology to their logical conclusion, was that the most effective way of dismantling a civilization was to destroy the traditional family through sexual license. Once the Soviet Union entered into a Cold War with the Christian West, their failed Russian experiment of sexual revolution was quickly exported to its enemies, most particularly Western Europe and the United States in the 1960s.

Our Lady of Fatima, in 1917, warned us that this Gnostic heresy of Marxism would infect Russia first, and from Russia infect the rest of the world. Our Lady referred to this as the “errors of Russia.” We often think of these errors of Russia in terms of politics and economics, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The real errors are the abandonment of God and religion, in conjunction with the promulgation of sexual license. Indeed, sexual sins are cited by the three Fatima seers as the primary reason for punishment of deceased souls in hell, as well as God’s chastisement upon the living. Sexual license is a common theme in Gnostic heresies throughout history and Marxism is no exception. Today’s Western Marxists, both socialists and communists, are strong advocates for sexual license, championing it in the forms of gender theory, feminism, and gay rights.

Sadly, the specter of Marxism has worked its way through American politics as well, finding its home primarily in the Democratic Party. An honest assessment of Democrat policies, politicians and party platforms, sees a strong shift toward Marxist thinking, with some Democratic politicians even accepting the moniker of “socialist.” The success of the 2016 and 2020 Bernie Sanders campaigns demonstrate just how many Democrats are no longer afraid of being labelled socialists, with many even embracing it. The youth of the Democratic Party is overwhelmingly Marxist. It won’t take but another ten to twenty years before the Democratic Party is totally run by these Marxist youth. The Democratic Party of previous generations is quickly fading away.

Also sadly, the Wuhan Virus (COVID-19) has presented Democratic politicians in the United States, and Socialist politicians in Europe, with a grand opportunity to seize power using pandemic mitigation techniques. In the United States, for example, this pandemic has done much to make a clear distinction between governors who reluctantly take up their emergency powers and quickly dissolve them (like Republican Governor Parson in Missouri), versus those who eagerly embrace those same powers for the purpose of controlling the population and reordering society, while hanging on to them for as long as possible (like Democrat Governor Whitmer in Michigan). Never has the Marxist influence upon the Democratic Party been so obscene, and the contrast with Republican leaders been so obvious. Democrats overwhelmingly abuse their emergency powers to reshape society according to Marxist ideals, while Republicans overwhelmingly limit their emergency powers with the hope that things will soon go back to the way they were before the pandemic. The Wuhan Virus has unveiled the Marxist trajectory of the Democratic Party in the most transparent way. It serves as a painful reminder that Marxism is not dead, is alive and well, working to overpower American society as quickly as possible.

The United States of America is the last great nation standing in the way of global Marxism. If America falls to Marxism, the world does too. This is why the Marxist influence on the Democratic Party must be stopped, and that means stopping the Democratic Party from succeeding in American politics until it rejects Marxism in all its forms. While Faithful Catholic participation in American politics is essential for this purpose, we all know it will not be enough alone. Something bigger must happen.

For this reason, I am calling upon my readers, and all Catholics of good will, to join me in a Rosary crusade against Marxism in 2020, beginning on May 1 (The Feast of St. Joseph the Worker) and concluding on October 31 (All Hallows Eve or The Eve of All Saints). The crusade will consist of two major Rosary salvos in May and October, with five-decades of the rosary prayed on each day of those months with the intention of calling upon Our Lord and Our Lady to end the influence of Marxism (in all its forms) upon all the nations of the world. In between these two months of May and October, smaller salvos of the Rosary will be offered with the same intention as follows…

  • Every day in the month of May
  • For nine days (novena) starting on June 13
  • For nine days (novena) starting on July 13
  • For nine days (novena) starting on August 13
  • For nine days (novena) starting on September 13
  • Every day in the month of October
I’m just going to do it. Anyone who wants to join me, please do! Our Rosaries will be offered up for the specific intention of ending Marxism, in all its forms, throughout the world. The antiphon beads, at the beginning and end of each rosary, can be offered for whatever other intentions you want. Usually, at the beginning they’re traditionally offered for faith, hope and charity, and at the end of the rosary for the pope and clergy.

Only heaven can help us now. The Church is surrounded on all sides by the forces of Marxism, and while its very important for us to vote against Marxism in elections, that alone is not enough. We need heavenly help! Our Lady promised the three seer children at Fatima that in the end her Immaculate Heart will prevail over the errors of Russia and the evils of this present time of darkness. Even though the Soviet Union is gone, communism continues to thrive in China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos and Cuba. Christians suffer intense persecution in these countries. Only Our Lord, through the intercession of Our Lady can save them. Russia, along with all the nations of the old Soviet Union, was delivered from Marxist communism this way. So too, these five last remaining communist strongholds can be beaten by Our Lord through the intercession of Our Lady, the Queen of Heaven. Likewise, Marxist socialism continues to advance in Europe, Latin America, and yes, even within the United States. Once again, only Our Lord, through the intercession of Our Lady, can reverse it. Will you join me in this Rosary crusade? You can indicate your response in the survey below, and yes, you can join in any time during the 2020 crusade. I’ll be sending out reminders on social media as well, whenever we are about to begin our next salvo against the Gates of Hell.

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