30 April 2020

Amazing Convergence of 3 Hearts on May 1 – Our Spiritual D-Day?

Father Heilman call us to a triple consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Chaste Heart of St Joseph tomorrow, Friday 1 May.

From Roman Catholic Man

By Fr Richard Heilman

With increased fear and uncertainty growing, on February 28, I put out a call to all prayer warriors (60,000+), asking everyone to join in a 54 Day Three Hearts Novena. With so much emphasis on St. Joseph, and with a growing concern over the future of economic security, I thought it was appropriate to conclude on May 1, which is the Feast Day of St. Joseph the Worker.
“Most of us have prayed many beautiful devotions – and even consecrated ourselves – to the Sacred of Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In so many ways, this year seems to be the year we are to call out to St. Joseph. Now is the time to add the “Third Heart” for supernatural protection and provision.
As head of the home, St. Joseph points to the role of all fathers to be “protectors and providers.” Many are feeling unsafe and “unprotected” with the spread of this “new virus.” Also, worries grow about future “provision” with economic uncertainty on the rise.
In the midst of this worldwide alarm, let’s call upon all “Three Hearts” to come to our aid by adding, this year, the Chaste Heart of St. Joseph.
Little did I know that the start date (Monday, March 9) would come to be known as “Black Monday,” as it was the worst drop in the Stock Market since the Great Recession in 2008. It would continue to drop throughout the month of March, while we witnessed the unemployment rate sky-rocket to over 26 million jobs lost (to date), as most “non-essential” businesses were forced to close under a national quarantine.
Moreover, the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker was instituted by Pope Pius XII in 1955 as a response to May Day (May 1) celebrations sponsored by Socialists and Communists. Pope Pius XII expressed the hope that this feast would accentuate the dignity of labor. With increased government control deployed during this pandemic, socialists/communists are salivating about the potential of a “new normal” of government control.
If ever there was a time, we all came to understand, to call upon “All Three Hearts” (Sacred Heart, Immaculate Heart, Chaste Heart), THIS IS THE TIME!
What we did not understand, at the time of conceiving this prayer campaign, was that the last day of our 54 Day Three Hearts Novena – May 1, 2020 – would see an amazing convergence of “All Three Hearts.”
Recently, the news broke that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops announced that they chose to join Canada in a Re-Consecration to Mary, Mother of the Church on May 1.
This convergence set up May 1, 2020 as, what I call, our “Spiritual D-Day.”
Those who have been praying the 54 Day Three Hearts Novena, know that we have been preparing to conclude (Day 54, May 1) with an Act of Consecration to all Three Hearts. Even if you have not been a part of this 54 Day Novena, you are free to join us in making an Act of Consecration to all Three Hearts.
Also, as it is First Friday, please offer the usual abstinence from meat. But, you are also encouraged to observe a day of fasting, as an extra strengthening of your prayers.
If you are able, please time your prayers to coincide with the 3:00pm EST time, which is when the U.S. and Canadian bishops will be consecrating their countries to Our Blessed Lady.
Throughout these 54 Days, our petition has been for “Protection and Provision for the USA and the world.” These intentions include all those suffering – spiritually, physically or economically – from the COVID-19 pandemic, and a quick return to being able to receive the Sacraments without restrictions. Also, please pray we do not suffer a future socialist/communist intrusion in our country.
So, to review …
I hope you will join us at 3:00pm EST on Friday, May 1, to honor and call out to the Three Hearts of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! This is our “Spiritual D-Day!”

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