Thursday, 30 May 2019

A Comment on a Post

Below is a comment left on my post, Pope Lashes Out Uncontrollably as Right-Wing Parties Arise Victorious, on a Facebook page to which I shared it.

If he is lashing out "uncontrollably" it is because he is a spoiled Marxist and is missing the point that Europe has been flooded with people who have no interest whatsoever in assimilating. Europe, and the US have a digestion problem. I am in Switzerland, and now we have Muslim children encouraging their fellow students to fast from pork products for Ramadan - imagine if Catholic children were encouraging others to fast from meat on Fridays for Lent. This happened also in Italy. A friend of mine told me a story 2 years ago about her 3rd grade daughter inviting a Muslim girl in class for come for a play date. My friend's mother had died years ago but she always kept the mother's statue of the BVM next to her picture on a shelf. The Muslim child took the statue of Mary and turned her facing the wall. My friend was shocked that an 8 year old child would do this. She also related to me (she comes from from Parma - the place of the world famous Parma ham/prosciutto, that the Muslim parents were organizing to get ham thrown out of the school. They were about 40% of the school population....of course the school caved and took all pork/ham products from the school. So this is not "racism"...this is normal human response to change, and to change at such a rapid pace along with demands of new people who have little regard and appreciation for the new home they are in.

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