Friday, 14 September 2018

House of Loreto: Altar Replaced by Table

How sad it is! The Church was able to withstand the Vandals when they were Arian. Now that they are Catholic, they work diligently to destroy the Church.


The altar in the famous Holy House of Loreto in central Italy has been replaced by a table which allows to "preside" the Novus Ordo liturgy facing the pews instead of facing God, reported on September 12.

Today, the Holy House is located inside the big basilica of Loreto. It is the house of the Holy Family in Nazareth where the Incarnation of Christ took place. According to the witness of the old, it was brought by angels to Loreto.

During the 1990s Cardinal Ratzinger celebrated Holy Mass several times in the House facing the Lord.

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  1. It seems that many in The Church are working backwards. Bringing less reverence and holiness to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
    When I converted from Anglicanism I found that the Tridentine Mass was one I could relate to much more than the "N.O." Mass at my local parish. The sense of mystery is there. The language is not just everyday language as we are participating in something supernatural, not just some everyday activity.
    To have the priest facing the same direction as the congregation is just SO natural.
    - Reg


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