Saturday, 29 September 2018

Off the Menu: Episode 43 - Orthodox, Schism, & Salvation

Original uploaded on 20 November 2017

Before the questions the Chevalier discusses preservation and, once again, emphasises 'Do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good'.

He also gets in a few digs at the 'Festival of the Puritan Fathers' and expresses his preference for the real Thanksgiving celebrated in Canada.

The first question on Hobbes and Leviathan is not linked below, but he points out that is totally opposed to Catholic Social Teaching.

The Ressourcement? He points out that he cannot give a definitive judgement. However, the discussion of Patristics and Scholasticism is excellent.

Are only a few saved? Of course, we won't know this side of eternity, but the Chevalier points out that Christ and the Church give us 'aids' to salvation and if people are not saved it is because they choose to not be saved.

The discussion of the Orthodox and schism is complicated and interesting. I am neither certain that I follow his argument or agree with his conclusions. Having been Orthodox, I know I didn't feel like I was in communion with Rome, and I did not 'just go to confession and receive Communion'. I was required to make a Profession of Faith and a promise of obedience to the Pope.

Orthodox & Salvation addresses Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev) of Volokolamsk and his possible universalist heresy. I find this amusing considering the Metropolitan's visceral hatred of Catholicism.

The discussion of attendance at an SSPX chapel is enlightening. He points out that the SSPX does not 'dissent' from any part of the infallible Magisterium. It 'dissents' only from non-infallible novelties introduced by Vatican II. He also makes the point that whilst many people have a problem with the 'dissent' of the SSPX, they have no problem with the dissent of many, many clergy from the very basics of the Catholic Faith.

I've shared the 'monarchist conversion' question before, but it is a fascinating discussion. He suggests strongly that republican sentiment amongst politicians in monarchies is driven by envy, envy that they can never be Head of State.

He has an amusing answer to the question of how to 'come out' as a Catholic. I am reminded of an old joke. A young Croatian fellow tells his parents that he has fallen in love. His parents ask eagerly, 'What's her name?' He answers, 'Well his name is Vuk.' There response? 'It's OK that you're gay, but how could you fall in love with a Serb!?'

The Ressourcement 7:15 Only a few that are saved? 11:56 Orthodox & Schism 15:00 Orthodox & Salvation 23:16 SSPX Attendance "grave disobedience"? 24:51 How to convert people to monarchism? 30:30 "Coming out Catholic" to a Protestant Family 38:10

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