Sunday, 30 September 2018

Schönborn: “Perhaps I Will [Invalidly] Ordain Female Deacons”

Push the envelope and then retract. It's been the tactic used to foist almost all the heresies and abuses on us for the past 50 years.


Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn is in favour of [invalidly] ordaining women to deacons.

On September 29 he wrote on Twitter, “Perhaps I will one day be able to [invalidly] consecrate women to the diaconate." Several hours later, the tweet was deleted. Schönborn is expected to retire in 16 months.

The tweet mirrored an identical statement Schönborn made during a September 29 speech in his cathedral in front of 1.700 diocesan employees or parish delegates. Applause followed.

It is a common tactic used by anti-Catholic prelates to publish heresies and, shortly after, to retract in order to slowly accustom the faithful to their poison.

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