Saturday, 29 September 2018

republican vs Republican-I'm Confused!

I received this anonymous comment a day or two ago,
I don't think you really want other people's opinions do you old codger?For the record, I'm Australian and don't understand your hatred of the Republicans which i assume includes the only President I've ever known to come out so strongly against baby-killing, surely the greatest sin and offense to God our Creator of all. You should support President Trump, wish we had him over here!!!
I do not recall that I have ever commented on current party politics in the US. I have commented on historic party politics, expressing my feelings on the despicable Lincoln, etc.

I can only assume that my commenter does not understand the rules in my combox. I state, 'Comments will be deleted that are republican (Yanks! Note the lower case 'r'!)'. I think I have made it quite clear in the sidebar that I am a monarchist, a royalist. I will not tolerate any 'republican' comments that attack the concept of monarchy of which His Holiness Pope Pius VI, of venerable memory said, 'monarchy, the best of all governments'.

As to my personal politics in the US, I was a Democrat in my younger days. I became a Republican when Jimmy Carter was nominated for President by the Party. I decided there was no room in the Democratic Party for both of us, and obviously, he wasn't leaving!

I left the Republican Party some 20 years ago. As a traditionalist and a reactionary, I could no longer support a national liberal left wing party like the GOP. It is true that I generally vote Republican 'down ticket', but I don't recall the last time I voted for a candidate of either major party for President.

I pay very little attention to US party politics. I do follow the vicissitudes of the anti-abortion movement and the general 'cultural politics', but I find that these have little to do with parties. Any party political comments I make, and they are few and far between, tend to be on Canadian and British politics. My Mum was from Britain and I lived in Canada for years and I admit to following their politics very closely, as anyone who reads my Facebook page will know.

At any rate, I hope my anonymous commenter will read this and realise that I don't hate 'Republicans' just 'republicans', whether they are Yanks, Canadians, Brits, or Aussies!

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