28 March 2023

What Can We Learn From the Stanford Pro-Pedophile Riot?

'[F]ight them the way our grandparents fought the demon-driven racists of the Nazi SS. Because the spirits we face are the same.' They're Satan's minions just like the Nazis.

From The Stream

By John Zmirak, PhD

We must know our enemies. First in order to stop them from enacting plans of evil and violating justice. Second in order to reach them — once we’ve beaten them — and attract them to the Truth. That’s the right order of things. You don’t refrain from fighting the Nazis in 1944 because you want to “model Christian non-violence” or some such blather. You defeat them utterly, arrest the leaders for war crimes, then preach repentance within the rubble.

And so it is in the culture war. Each victory for the Gnostics who hate God’s creation, who want to pervert it, only emboldens them and claims more innocent victims. We can never relent, never seek respite, never grant a moment’s quarter. Because we’re really not fighting people. Not in this war, not anymore.

Our Enemies Aren’t Mistaken. Nor Even Misguided.

What I wish to prove in this column is really quite simple. Our elites are neither:

a) Simply mistaken about the best courses of action, nor

b) Confused about first principles, nor

c) Merely deluded, nor

d) Simply and starkly insane.

Instead, I argue:

e) They are literally possessed by principalities and powers, in the strictest sense of the word.

I’m not being metaphorical. I’m not exaggerating for emphasis. I’m speaking of fallen angels obsessing and finally controlling hapless human beings, like those people Jesus delivered in the Gospels. Now you might say “I’m skeptical. I’m not interested in demons.” But demons are interested in you. 

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Future SCOTUS Justices of the World, Unite!

Perhaps you heard about the riot at top-tier Stanford University recently, when moderate (not even right-wing) Judge Kyle Duncan of the Fifth Circuit Court tried to give a talk. Future attorneys, judges, and (no doubt) Supreme Court justices took part in this attack on free speech and civility. The school’s own DEI Dean Tirien Steinbach helped lead the rioters in silencing the judge. As the Daily Mail reports:

Judge Duncan was greeted with posters along the walls of the prestigious university — saying he had committed crimes against women, gays, blacks and ‘trans people’ … .

He was asked to give a speech at the famous law school earlier in March about the circuit’s Court of Appeals by the student chapter of the Federalist Society.

However, when he arrived at the school, he was met by around 100 students yelling obscenities at him, including one protester who told him: ‘We hope your daughters get raped.’

All this is bad enough, given Stanford’s status as an honorary Ivy League law school, which overproduces appointees to our nation’s highest courts. No judge, no matter how badly he had ruled, ought to be treated like this when he comes to speak at a school. No, Roger Taney wouldn’t deserve such treatment for writing the Dred Scott decision, nor even Harry Blackmun for penning Roe v. Wade. It’s dangerous for our country to subject judges to violence, censorship, or mob intimidation.

What Is Sacred to Our Legal Elite?

We might understand the zeal of young, idealist students in reacting that way to a judge who’d affirmed chattel slavery, or legal abortion — even as we lectured them on the importance of free speech.

But what was the ruling, and what was the case, on which Judge Duncan ruled? What are the high principles, sacred causes, and fundamental loyalties that motivated the angry mob at Stanford? Knowing that is important, because it’s a spiritual biopsy of America’s elite.

These are the people whom Democrats will be nominating for crucial judicial positions in 20 years, whom Sen. Lindsey Graham, from his gurney, will doubtless be voting to confirm.

Fighting for Justice

So what are their fighting issues? The Daily Mail helpfully tells us. Here’s the case where Judge Duncan’s ruling touched the protestors’ deepest values. Underneath a police mugshot of a biological male (don’t be confused by the PC use of female pronouns below) the Mail reports:

This is the transgender pedophile at the center of a mass protest at Stanford University against a Trump-appointed Judge who refused to allow the felon to change her name on conviction records.

DailyMail.com can reveal the mugshot of Norman Keith Varner, 42, who failed in her bid to change her name to Kathrine Nicole Jett, 42, on court records.

Varner has twice been convicted of possessing child pornography and failing to register as a sex offender.

In 2012 Varner pleaded guilty to one count of attempted receipt of child pornography and was sentenced to 15 years in prison which will be followed by 15 years supervised release.

By 2015, while in prison, Varner came out as a transgender woman and began ‘hormone replacement therapy’ shortly after trying to change her surname to Jett in Kentucky.

However, the US Court of Appeals rejected Varner’s appeal to change her conviction records to her new name. Fifth Circuit Judge Stuart Duncan and others ruling it as ‘meritless’ because the pedophile was known as Norman Varner at the time she committed the child sex abuse offenses.

Court documents obtained by DailyMail.com show that between April 2010 and June 2010 Varner tried to receive child porn on a Compaq computer.

The pedophile possessed a video which was nearly two minutes long showing a ‘prepubescent female’ and a ‘nude minor male’.

Do You Still Hope to Compromise or Reason With These People?

Did you get that? The dean and the students were rioting for a pedophile. Do you think we’ve hit bottom yet? No, for that you’d have to travel to once-Catholic Ireland. (Or wait a few years in California.) As the Post-Millennial informs us:

An extremely violent trans-identified male who has sworn to rape and kill women was sentenced to five years in prison Thursday for threatening to torture, rape, and murder the individual’s own mother, and has been sent to the women’s section of Limerick prison in Ireland.

The sentence, handed down by Judge Tom O’Donnell at Limerick Circuit Criminal Court, was backdated to May 9th, 2022, which is when the defendant, Barbie Kardashian, was convicted after a four-day trial, reports The Irish Times.

We’ve come a long, long way since liberals and Christians rightly protested because Rosa Parks was forced to ride in the back of the bus. Now the left is defending the fundamental, moral, human, and Constitutional right of … a pedophile to get his official sex changed on his conviction documents after his hormone therapy. And any judge who resists that … deserves to see his daughter get raped. Deserves to be driven off any college campus, forbidden to speak.

That’s Why They Fight.

Remember that. And fight them the way our grandparents fought the demon-driven racists of the Nazi SS. Because the spirits we face are the same.

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