24 February 2022

"Now, Unconditionally, and for Everyone" … SSPX

Fr Hunwicke looks at an address that Fr Pagliarani gave in Paris last month. 'Quite simply, we want two things: the Faith and the Mass.'

From Fr Hunwicke's Mutual Enrichment

The Superior of the SSPX, Fr Pagliarani, has recently been to see PF. No report, I think, has appeared of this meeting. But on 15 January Father gave an address in Paris, provided by Dr Moynihan in translation.

The only criticism of his words that I now make is that he speaks as if the Tridentine Mass were the only Catholic Rite. This has never been true. There are the Oriental rites. And, even in the Latin West, there are the Dominicans ... the Mediolanese ...

But, in my view, the following section of his address is crucially important; and needs to be taken seriously. 

"There is one last thing that the Society must obtain, and this is crucial. We want the Mass, not only for ourselves, but we want it for the Universal Church. We do not want simply a side altar in the Church. Nor do we want the right to enter with our banner into an amphitheatre where everything else is permitted. Certainly not!

"We want this Mass for ourselves and at the same time for everyone. It is not a little privilege that we want. This Mass is a right for us and for all souls, without exception. This is how the SSPX is, and will continue to be, an active part of the Catholic Church. That is because it aims at the good of the Church. The Society does not aim at obtaining a particular privilege. Obviously, Divine Providence will choose the moment, the modalities, the graduality and the circumstances, but as far as we are concerned, we want this Mass and we want it now -- unconditionally and for everyone. 

"And this we want without entering into an overly human perspective that looks for a particular privilege. We do not want to enter into negotiations where we are conceded things bit by bit: to be given a church here, a time for Mass there, the possibility to use the maniple, or the biretta, or the Holy Week liturgy of S Pius X ... Definitely not! We do not want to enter into this scenario.

"Quite simply, we want two things: the Faith and the Mass. We want Catholic doctrine and the Cross that nourish the spiritual life and moral life of souls. We want them now, unconditionally, and for everyone ..."

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