24 February 2022

Is Justin Trudeau the Reincarnation of Hitler? Are His Brutal Police the Reincarnation of the Brown Shirts?

Or of Stalin and the NKVD? It makes little difference. He's a wannabe dictator.

From Les Femmes

By Mary Ann Kreitzer

The left loves to call patriots and Christians fascists, but who are the real fascist totalitarian tyrants among us? If you want to see one who rises above the level of most just look to our northern neighbors who are feeling the hobnailed boot of Justin Trudeau.  Trudeau unleashed the demons on the truckers and anyone supporting them and continues his attack on the people which is clearly reminiscent of the Nazis' total control of the Germans in the 1930s. They didn't just target the jews. They went after everyone who opposed their evil policies. Philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand and his family barely escaped. Sophie Scholl and the White Rose protesters were guillotined for their opposition which consisted of distributing flyers against Nazi policies. Franz Jagerstatter was executed for refusing to serve in the German army. 

Wake up, people!

So let's take a look at what's happening in Canada under the "leadership" of this Hitler clone.

Trudeau authorized "extreme measures" including violence against the truckers and their supporters. They've used horses to trample them, used gas against them, beaten them, and now Trudeau is using the financial system to freeze not only the truckers' assets, but the assets of those contributing to funding platforms for them. They have promised to track them and go after them. This is what their Emergency Authorization Act allows to crush political opposition: violence, imprisonment, confiscation, etc.

Remember the Tiananmen Square Massacre? How is the violence against the protesters different? Canadian police are joking on social media about "jack booting" protesters. Police on horseback trampled non-violent protesters including an elderly woman with a walker, Candice Sero, a full-blooded Mohawk

Where are all the outraged liberals over this episode of police brutality? Why doesn't she get the same consideration as Native American, Nathan Phillips, whose only claimed abuse was a supposed disrespectful smile on a boy's face? Not only are do liberals not oppose the violence; they are expressing their joy over abusing these people and encouraging more of it. This is what liberalism does to a person -- they lose their humanity. Other people are expendable if they don't toe the party line.

Videos show police beating and gassing protesters. That these officers, who appear to be clones of Hitler's SS, would treat fellow citizens with such violence is shocking and shows exactly how easy it is for law enforcement to be perverted into obeying the brutality required by tyrants who demand the merciless crushing of opposition.

It's nothing new. We are about to enter Lent. Look at the vicious violence unleashed on Jesus Christ and his followers. We could write a litany of horror with the names of those serving the Beast: Nero, Diocletian, Herod, Caligula, Ali Pasha, Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth, Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Mao.... History offers an unending legacy of bloodthirsty rulers. 

And now we have Trudeau invoking The Emergencies Act, which has never, NEVER, been used against the Canadian people.... until now. It's Marshal Law with no recourse. Citizens have been arrested and businesses closed for FEEDING THE TRUCKERS or making a financial donation. Give a trucker a cup of coffee and you're toast. Contribute to a fundraiser and your business can be closed. They can seize your assets and starve you into submission. Tucker Carlson has addressed it; so has Canadian professor and psychologist, Jordan Petersen. 

This quote is absolutely true. You can watch the littler Hitler say it (en Francais) on Twitter at https://www.informationliberation.com/?id=62773

And now they threaten forced "vaccination." Will they hold you down if you object and jab you against your will? 

Unfortunately, many people have no concept of history. They have bent the knee just like the Germans did when Hitler promised equality of rights, peace, and honor. Those weren't his real goals. Like every tyrant it was power and control. But many, even Catholic priests and nuns, supported the Nazis in their rise to power. Dietrich von Hildebrand describes it in his book, My Battle Against Hitler

Wake up, Catholics! Make this Lent a time of serious prayer and penance to rescue our poor country from our government tyrants. We have our own National Emergency Act which Biden is planning to extend in view of the truckers' convoy heading to the D.C. area. We've seen how liberals use these powers. How many are still in jail for over a year for nothing more than accusations of trespassing at the Capitol building. Some were arrested for being outside on the lawn. How many have been kept in solitary confinement and physically abused while in jail? Whatever happened to the right to a speedy trial?

Remember that the only people killed during the "insurrection" (that was worse than Pearl Harbor and the Holocaust combined) were Trump supporters murdered by Capitol Police -- the unarmed veteran, Ashley Babbitt, shot by "hero" Michael Byrd and Roseanne Boyland trampled and then beaten while she was unconscious by Capitol policewoman,  Lila Morris. Ashley and Boyland were white. Byrd who shot an unarmed woman and Morris who struck Boyland again and again after she was unconscious is black. Where are the liberals calling for a murder trial of an officer for police brutality that led to death? They're calling Morris' actions "objectively reasonable." Really? Beating an unconscious person is reasonable? Obviously! White on black brutality is horrific. Black on white police brutality against your political adversaries is "objectively reasonable." 

Just ask Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden's handlers about it. They'll spell it out for you. Tyrants can do whatever they want. 

And they do. 

It's time to join the resistance. 

Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs, pray for us.

Martyrs of Tyburn, pray for us.

Martyrs of Compiegne, pray for us.

Martyrs of the Vendee, pray for us.

St. Maximilian Kolbe, pray for us.

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