24 February 2022

A Question for Those Giving Up Social Media for Lent

In the post I just shared from 1P5 by Kennedy Hall, he suggests 'fasting from technology'. I have a question for him and for anyone thinking of doing the same.

For those of you thinking of giving up Facebook and other social media for Lent, would you give up talking to your friends and neighbours for Lent? Would you avoid opportunities to share your faith with others for Lent? Would you shut off communications with those who might really benefit from your encouragement, sympathy, and sense of humour as a way of mortifying what is unsanctified in yourself? Is that really what you intend to do? If so, please consider fasting from something else. We need each other, and for those who are somewhat or actually isolated, this is their way of being in community.

May the Lord increase the fruits of your justice this Lent and strengthen you by His grace to follow in His footsteps.

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