30 April 2021

Once Upon a Time There Was a Super-Catholic Land Called Quebec.

And now it's become an anti-Catholic area just like Ireland. Sainte Anne de Beaupré et Saint Jean-Baptiste prient pour le Québec!

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Once upon a time there was a super-Catholic land called Quebec.


And, boys and girls, the moral of the story is corruptio optimi pessima.


Canadian police seize altar wine, say it’s illegal to import it

Seizures in Quebec appear related to laws governing the resale of alcohol within provinces

Police have seized large quantities of altar wine in the Canadian province of Quebec, creating a situation where buying a bottle is nearly impossible.  [One wonders if that is not the point.]

On April 9, police officers seized sacramental wine from Bertrand, Foucher, Bélanger, Inc. in Montreal, Procure Ecclésiastique, Inc. in Quebec City and Chandelles Tradition MB, Inc. in Saint-Constant.

Sandra Dion, spokeswoman for the Quebec City Police Department, said the wine was seized following an investigation. The seizures appear related to laws governing the resale of alcohol within provinces, although some distributors claim they are within the law and have licenses.

The altar wine available in Quebec comes from two Californian producers: Mont La Salle Altar Wines and Cribari Premium Altar Wines. However, since the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) — the provincial liquor board — does not sell these products, the wines had to be imported from other Canadian provinces. Although that was the practice for many years, police now says it’s illegal.

“Officers from the Montreal Police Department showed up with a warrant,” said Alain Denis, general manager at Bertrand, Foucher, Bélanger, Inc., a store specializing in church goods. The warrant mentioned illegal possession and selling of alcohol. Chandelles Tradition MB did not return calls.

The Catholic Church says the wine used for Mass must be natural, made entirely from grapes, uncorrupted and free of foreign substances. A locally produced altar wine was available for a few years, but it is not produced anymore, so distributors in Quebec resort to American-produced wines. The specialized wine made in California is imported to Ontario or New Brunswick before resellers can get it in the province of Quebec.

“This issue has been dragging on for 40 years,” said Jacques Laroche, general manager and co-owner of Procure Ecclésiastique, which had its entire stock seized.

“The SAQ, since at least the 1980s, has been trying to prevent the distribution of altar wine in Quebec,” he added. “This forces parishes and religious communities to buy from other provinces.

Last December, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario warned permit holders that selling alcohol in other Canadian provinces is prohibited.

“I can confirm there has been no change to the terms of the sacramental wine appointment issued by the LCBO,” an LCBO spokesman said April 22.

So important was it to enforce this law that they confiscated altar wine from parishes.

There are various types of “wine” which are valid for Mass.  More HERE.

Meanwhile, in another formerly super-Catholic place, Ireland… from The Burkean:

Shocking Footage as Gardaí Storm Church for Violating Lockdown Regulations

Another week and another outrage has emerged in lockdown Ireland as a Latin Mass ceremony was gatecrashed by members of An Garda Síochána implementing NPHET edicts. In harrowing footage released this afternoon, congregants of the SSPX operated Corpus Christi Church in Athlone can be heard rebuking members of the force for breaking up the socially distanced Mass.

Following the arrival of Gardaí parishioners were forced to give their names and details for fear of arrest. This embarrassing act of policing comes in the wake of the incessant harassment of the faithful in Limerick at the behest of Councillor Elisa O’Donovan.


Corruptio optimi pessima.

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