29 April 2021

Hands Off Father James Altman

A group, led by a radical, left wing Episcopal cleric wants Fr Altman fired. A petition to the Bishop of La Crosse in his defence.

Sign the petition here.

From Caritas in Veritate

Your Excellency,

It has come to our attention that a “Christian” group wishes you to remove Fr. Altman from St. James the Less parish. This group is led by an Episcopalian Pastor, who was trained by Barack Obama’s Organizing America and M+R Strategic Services (this organization is a consultant for Planned Parenthood, GLAAD and Pro-Choice America), currently resides in New England and describes himself as a “Progressive Organizer.” From his biography, it appears his progressive “religious” ideologies are incompatible with the 5 Non-Negotiables of the Catholic Church. Thus, it seems this attempt at a smear campaign to remove a good and holy Catholic Priest who teaches the 2000 years of unchanged and unchangeable Truth of the Catholic Church is really a disguised effort to undermine Holy Mother Church’s authority and teachings.

We are incensed at their interference in diocesan affairs and their presumption that they have the right to tell our beloved Bishop what to do. This group and the media have made libelous statements that defame not only Fr. Altman’s character, but also that of the Diocese of La Crosse. The amount of people present at Mass has been sorely misrepresented. St. James has many large, young families, some of which have up to 9 children. The media has taken random snapshots of the community culture within the parish without any actual knowledge of the facts in an attempt to create a story where one does not exist.

It is shameful and sinful that they would bear false witness against Fr. Altman in this manner.

We entreat you to support Fr. Altman and to support us by telling them to mind their own business.

Asking Your Excellency’s blessing, we are, Yours Respectfully,

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