29 September 2020

Our Persecuted Priests

Can you guess what these persecuted priests all have in common? They're all orthodox Catholics who actually believe and teach the Catholic Faith. We can't have that, can we?

From Complicit Clergy

Can you guess what these persecuted priests all have in common?

A strange phenomenon is occurring in many dioceses throughout North America.  Some priests are beginning to courageously speak-out against evils in society with new boldness and passion, almost as if someone’s (eternal) life depends upon it.  One would expect these faithful priests to be persecuted by the purveyors of evil, which certainly happens with some frequency.  However, you might be surprised to learn the greatest threat to these priests come from their own bishops.

column by Mary Ann Kreitzer describes the problem facing orthodox priests in the United States:

How do bad bishops punish good priests? Let us count the ways: exile, silencing, mandatory evaluation at pseudo-psychiatric facilities like St. Luke’s, frequent reassignment, making them permanent parochial vicars with no hope of becoming pastors, marginalization, driving them out (to other dioceses or the military vicariate), whispering campaigns designating them “mentally unstable” or “unfit for ministry,” etc.  The ultimate punishment, the bishop’s sword of Damocles, so to speak, is suspension. It hangs over the head of a good priest who knows his “spiritual father” will use it. How many good priests hear variations of the threat, “You have no idea what I can do to you!” But the good priests do know. They’ve seen the sword fall on their brothers.

We have reported on the cases of eight individual priests who have been persecuted by their bishops over the course of the past two years.  Our list is by no means comprehensive as there are many additional priests who being privately persecuted by their bishops. Here’s a brief rundown of the stories we have reported.

Fr. Robert Altier Publicly admonished by his bishop for his viral homily, “.Coronavirus - The Truth Revealed.

Archbishop Bernard Hebda
Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis

Fr. James Altman
Publicly rebuked by his bishop and forbidden from broadcasting his homilies after he issued the viral video "You Cannot be a Faithful Catholic and a Democrat."

Bishop William Callahan
Diocese of La Crosse

Fr. Mark Goring
Told to stop speaking out by an unnamed superior about the Church’s sexual-abuse scandal. Goring issued an appeal to Pope Francis for permission to keep talking about the crisis. 

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast
Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall

Fr. Daniel Nolan
Publicly humiliated by his superiors who stated they were “evaluating” Fr. Nolan after an off-handed comment about face masks during a catechesis lecture. 

Archbishop Samuel Aquila
Archdiocese of Denver

Fr. Paul Kalchik
Forced to flee when his bishop ordered him to be removed from his parish for allowing his parishioners to burn a rainbow banner found in the parish.

Cardinal Blasé Cupich
Archdiocese of Chicago

Fr. Eduard Perrone
Falsely accused of sexual abuse and removed from his parish. Has sued his diocese for defamation.

Archbishop Allen Vigneron
Archdiocese of Detroit

Fr. Theodore Rothrock
Removed from his parish after issuing a column in his parish bulletin critical of Black Lives Matter. 

Bishop Timothy Doherty
Diocese of Lafayette, IN

Fr. Mark White
Silenced and removed from his parish for speaking out on the handling of the sexual abuse scandal by the Church. 

Bishop Barry Knestout
Diocese of Richmond

So what’s the one thing all these persecuted priests have in common? They have an orthodox interpretation of the Catholic faith. This makes them especially reprehensible to liberal ‘Catholics’ who cannot bear to hear the truths of the faith spoken with clarity and boldness. It’s simply amazing that faithful priests like these men seem to be always silenced by their bishops, while dissident Judases like Fr. James Martin are allowed to roam the country spewing their heresies to anyone who will listen.

Please contact the bishops of these persecuted priests and express your opinion regarding the actions the bishop has taken against them. Please also be sure to pray for our persecuted priests and ask God to raise-up more clerics who will courageously proclaim the Truths of the Holy Catholic Church for the salvation of souls.

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  1. Before VAT 2 we would have never seen this happen. However, as horrible as this is, I find it even more tragic that we don't hear anything about the chaos from all of our priests and bishops! The last time I checked they were our shephards.... they've abandoned us! I'm not in any way surprised by their cowardness, but saddened by their silence. This is truly a sign of our times. When I find myself plugging into Dr. Taylor Marshall or any other faithful Catholics You Tube channel...I ask myself, with technology allowing us to reach people from all walks of life, where are priests channels?? I'm able to watch Fr. Hewko's sermons, Fr. Altman's, and Fr. Altier's and I'm sure there are a handful of other priests, all who give edgy brave sermons.
    Those priests mentioned are NOT afraid to speak up! Fr. Hewko was demonized for leaving the SSPX. This holy priest spoke up and tried to defend what Archbishop Lefevre wanted... he was silenced and they threatened to send him to India. Now observe, the bishops of the society including multiple priests preach that VAT2 isn't all bad, and there is fruit one can draw upon from the new mass!! (In denial? Lookup Bishop Williamson and Bishop Fellay will never give you a straight answer) Complete opposite of what the Archbishop wrote and preached! I want to see the SSPX and the FSSP get their act together!!! President Trump wrote an executive order that allows churches to preach about politics from the pulpit without them losing their tax exempt status. Why then are there essentially crickets from both sides? Should we be surprised that the SSPX is silent? The SSPX, WITHOUT a fight, WITHOUT sueing the state of NY, immediately gave into the state's law about having to vaccinate all children who attend school. The SSPX told the parents that it's ok to get vaccinated even though the vaccine uses aborted babies! They explained that they must comply with the law! These are special circumstances they said. Really?? This is an unjust law and goes against our constitutional rights....our freedom of religion!
    Where was the FIGHT and GRIT those parents needed from their shepards? How about slapping a lawsuit on the state of NY? How about contacting every single news station around and bring this evil to light? Or, change the status from school to NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS? Call it a CO OP, do SOMETHING! Giving in like they did, putting the parents in a difficult position like they did is WRONG on every level. If our priests don't fight for us against "circumstances" and unjust laws... who will?? I was actually really shocked and even scandalized that the SSPX caved without a fight, The same thing happened in the state of CA.. Anyways, after this news, I realized that the SSPX was no longer the same as it was under the Archbishop. The SSPX has really weakened. They can still fight and fix these wrongs! I'd like to see them start a You Tube channel leading their flock! Why do I only see Dr. Marshall Taylor and a few others who are not priests leading the faithful through this dark cave??

    Those priests named above are true heroes. Every single priest and bishop who says the Traditional Latin Mass should be on some type of hate list made by liberals! My point here is to not condemn the SSPX or the FSSP, but to merely point out that they both have to step up! We, the faithful NEED Shepards NOW! I BEG THEM ALL TO LEAD US!!


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