26 February 2020

Allium-Cepa News Network (A-CNN) Back by Popular Demand

Huzzah! The Catholic 'Onion' is back! Catholic satire at its best!

From The Remnant

We’re pleased that the fine, young editors of the Allium-Cepa (the Latin scientific word for ONION) News Network (A-CNN) have agreed to bring back their satirical offerings.
We share their opinion that one thing the Left -- inside the Vatican and out -- cannot stand is mockery, and we find that, as the nice lady said, "in a time when you can either laugh or cry, laughing at least feels better."
Readers may recall the A-CNN crowd-pleaser by Remnant columnist, Chris Jackson, Converted Trump Now Running for Pope, which was read almost 63,000 times after it appeared back in February of 2016.
Here in February 2020, new offerings include Peter Kwasniewski’s Vatican Announces Beatification of Man Who Rearranged Deckchairs on the Titanic and Matthew Michael’s Hard hearts cannot paint with colors of the wind, Pope says.
With the current Vatican situation such as it is, we here at The Remnant challenge our readers to check these new A-CNN articles out tell us: Is it satire, or not? 
It's getting so difficult to tell the difference. 
We can't recommend A-CNN highly enough, and we hope you'll help us spread the word that the Allium Cepa (again, the Latin scientific word for ONION) News Network is back and funnier than ever. 

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