Monday, 26 November 2018

President of Poland Saves a Host: A Response to My Post 'The Tragedy of the European Family'

When I shared The Tragedy of the European Family, from Intellectual Takeout, on FishEaters Facebook page yesterday, a Polish friend commented, 'Polish president has a daughter. Polish prime minister has 4 children'. I replied that that was because they are Catholic.

To which he replied, 'Jovan, Very much so. That's why the European establishment hates them, like the whole Polish government. Here is a short clip when the President saves the consecrated host blown away by the wind during an outdoor Mass he was attending.' The title translates, 'President Elect Andrzej Duda Saves the Host'.

How inspiring to see a country's leader who is unafraid to show his Catholicism! However, this video also shows why outdoor Masses are ill advised.

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