30 April 2023

The Devil’s Playbook for the End Times

He (the devil) always sends errors into the world in pairs--pairs of opposites...He relies on your extra dislike of one to draw you gradually into the opposite one. But do not let us be fooled. We have to keep our eyes on the goal and go straight through between both errors. We have no other concern than that with either of them. - C. S. Lewis

From Catholic365

By Paul Murano

Many Catholics are familiar with the story of Pope Leo XIII falling into some kind of trance after Mass one day in the 19th century and having a vision of Jesus and Satan conversing. The devil allegedly said he could destroy Christ’s Church if allowed to cause havoc for the following hundred years. Jesus granted him the opportunity.

Whether it happened exactly as its legend portrays, and whether ‘100 years’ was more of a symbolic number than literal one, have been subjects of debate. What is not debated is that Sr. Lucia of Portugal reported that Our Lady of Fatima told her the final and greatest battle of the demonic against the Church will be hell’s attack on marriage and the family.

These two stories lead to one more thing, which isn’t debated or even known by anyone, except for the mind and imagination of this author.

What is it? A crucial document hung on the walls of every molten lava cave in the fiery pits of hell has been discovered and obtained. It is, more specifically, a game plan, in the vein of Luther’s 95 theses hung on the Church door. But this game plan document has only ten points of attack. It was to be the beginning of the grand finale of the all-out attack against sexuality, marriage and the family, carried out by the devil and his demons.

We are lucky to have one soul, who died and went to hell before being revived for one more chance at redemption. This lucky soul, before being reunited to his mortal body, was able to swipe one of these documents from the residence of Satan himself. After giving it a proper exorcism, we were able to translate the hellish document into English.

Here it is with all its evil cunning:
Hell’s 10-Step Plan to Attack and Conquer the Church and the World in the 20th and 21st Centuries

1) Inspire the creation of the birth control pill, knowing it will cause an acute revolt against human nature and God’s law. The willing masses, who will choose illicit sex over God, will call it the “sexual revolution”.

2) Raise up dissenters from Catholic clergy and laity to reject Humanae Vitae and challenge the Church’s moral authority given by Christ. Make sure this unprecedented public dissent and disobedience causes enough confusion among the laity that they will believe it’s really okay to “follow their conscience” to use contraception.

3) Infiltrate the clergy with men saddled with SSA (same-sex attraction disorder), knowing most of them will remain silent on moral issues while the sexual revolution inevitably evolves into a culture of death.

4) Listen with delight to the deafening silence from Church pulpits as the contraceptive pill lays the groundwork for a fornication culture, a divorce culture, and an abortion culture to take root and cause widespread havoc. Cheer as countless souls are lost due to the huge void in moral leadership and guidance caused by the silence of most clergy and religious education programs, as the revolution against God, marriage, and human nature successfully rages on.

5) As the family breaks down and mankind loses sight of its identity as the image of God, use the natural self-loathing that comes from sexual sin to harden hearts to blind minds to moral truth. In other words, create a secular progressive movement.

6) Inspire this movement with its rich white liberals and angry feminists to infiltrate the culture-molding establishments – the media and academia – to (de)form minds so that they will eventually call evil good and good evil.

7) As thousands of preborn children are slaughtered each day in abortuaries due to the fornication culture created by the pill, and as suicide rates ascend to new heights, emasculate men to fear feminists calling them sexist for standing for truth. This will render them impotent to fight the injustice and perversion pervading society.

8) Then inspire the minions in power to identify people according to their disordered desires (for political purposes), and create disparaging labels to slander those who dare challenge this false narrative.

9) After fornication, abortion, and divorce are normalized, and sodomitic relationships are called marriage, then take the anthropological dualism begun with Descartes and convince people they can actually be a different sex than their bodies. It sounds preposterous, but at this point in the attack they’re conditioned enough by all the previous lies for it to work.

10) Watch gleefully as the western world commits societal suicide, imploding rom the breakdown of the family and a lack of procreation – due largely to the contraception revolution and its immense fallout.

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