28 April 2023

MM Video: Denmark at War

The military of Europe's oldest monarchy, the Kingdom of Denmark, in action throughout the centuries. Danish Vikings expanded to Iceland and Greenland, took over much of Ireland and Britain before becoming Christian. They expanded into southern Norway and Sweden with Norway being under the Danish crown until the Napoleonic wars. During the era of the Kalmar Union almost all of Scandinavia was united by the Danish monarchy. The 30 Years War and the Napoleonic Wars were considerable setbacks but Denmark later became a colonial power with holdings in the West Indies, Africa and India. After a defeat by Prussia in the war over Schleswig-Holstein Denmark adopted a policy of neutrality and stayed out of World War I but was occupied during World War II though the Germans maintained that Denmark was a protectorate rather than a conquered foe. In recent decades Danish troops have participated in a number of peace-keeping missions around the world. 

From The Mad Monarchist (24 June 2012)

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