30 August 2022

The Circularity of Word Salad Synodality. Walking Together… in a Circle Apparently.

Cardinal Grech's statement may be the stupidest thing I have ever read! You should learn to engage the brain before the mouth, Eminence! 

From Fr Z's Blog

I think today’s presser on the Synod (“walking together”) on Synodality (“walking togetherness”) produced the best description of Synodality (“walking togetherness”) so far.

It’s the cirrrrrrcle of liiiiiiife!

Otherwise… maybe it’s this?

In the Inferno, Canto 3, Dante is led by his master Virgil through the Gate of Hell (with its famous inscription) into the Fore-Hell.  Fore-Hell is the place of the tepid, who never decided to be either good or evil.   Here Dante sees a plain where a vast crowd of souls screaming in agony are stung by wasps, their blood dripping wounds eaten by worms.  They are doomed to chase in a circle for all of eternity after a huge whirling banner that has no symbol, no meaning.

I then: “Master! what doth aggrieve them thus,
That they lament so loud?” He straight replied:
“That will I tell thee briefly. These of death
No hope may entertain: and their blind life
So meanly passes, that all other lots
They envy. Fame of them the world hath none,
Nor suffers; mercy and justice scorn them both.
Speak not of them, but look, and pass them by.”

And I, who straightway look’d, beheld a flag,
Which whirling ran around so rapidly,
That it no pause obtain’d: and following came
Such a long train of spirits, I should ne’er
Have thought, that death so many had despoil’d.

When some of these I recogniz’d, I saw
And knew the shade of him, who to base fear
Yielding, abjur’d his high estate. Forthwith
I understood for certain this the tribe
Of those ill spirits both to God displeasing
And to his foes. These wretches, who ne’er lived,
Went on in nakedness, and sorely stung
By wasps and hornets, which bedew’d their cheeks
With blood, that mix’d with tears dropp’d to their feet,
And by disgustful worms was gather’d there.

There’s some circularity for ya’.

Virgil tells Dante not to acknowledge any of these souls, which is part of their punishment: non-recognition a deserved nobody-ness. This is the consequence of moral cowardice.

And so we return to the Synod (“walking together”) of Bishops in the circularity of a Synod (“walking together”) on Synodality (“walking togetherness”).

BTW… before I leave you to ponder this, demons long to have an identity, and so invoking as “spirits” that which is not God allows demons to attach to the names.

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