28 August 2021

Hail Blase, Devoid of Grace?

OMM looks at Cupich's banning of the Hail Mary and the St Michael Prayer after Mass. Was it counteracting the demonic too well for his liking?

From One Mad Mom

Now more than ever we need to pray and make reparation for the Archdiocese of Chicago. Let’s just look at ONE week in review. Maybe you won’t think my title question to out there. One is totally free to wonder what in the heck is wrong with him.

Sacrilege of the Eucharist is far and away his worst crime of the week. Cardinal Cupich allowed Lori Lightfoot to receive Holy Communion. https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/248732/police-chaplain-gave-non-catholic-chicago-mayor-communion-at-ella-frenchs-funeral And, yes, I hold him responsible as the main celebrant. At the very least, he should have given the usual “if there are any non-Catholics or those not able to receive” speech, but let’s be honest, with the last second tap to “sit it out”, Cardinal Cupich and Lori Lightfoot set up poor Fr. Brandt. One might think “sitting out of the Eucharist” is quite telling of a cardinal. Lightfoot isn’t an idiot. She knows she isn’t allowed to receive and it had NOTHING to do with solidarity with the family.

Next, Cardinal Cupich followed that up with a vaccine mandate for his employees, but he actually cited a document from the Vatican that said that there shouldn’t be mandates and it must be voluntary. https://www.catholicculture.org/commentary/misuse-church-authority-on-vaccination/  Hello, Cardinal Primacy of Conscience (you know, that thing he always gets wrong)! Hypocritical much?

Last but not least, he told at least one priest no more St. Michael’s prayer after the conclusion of Mass. Oh, and no Hail Marys inserted anywhere else, either. His reasoning for that? Probably was working a little too well against the diabolical obsession going on with Cardinal Cupich and his archdiocese. There’s really no other logical conclusion. Satan just can’t have that and those under his influence will always complain about those two prayers being recited. https://wdtprs.com/2021/08/video-priest-announces-he-and-people-have-been-forbidden-to-say-st-michael-prayer-and-hail-mary-after-mass/

Again, this is just ONE week in the Chicago Archdiocese! So, what’s a Catholic to do? Well, for one, there is an event coming soon that will be chock full of the St. Michael prayer and Hail Marys. Bishops, priests and the faithful are starting to wake up and realize that we need to make public acts of reparation for the very public sacrileges and moral failings committed by our church hierarchy. It’s been happening from coast to coast. If you can, attend this event on Friday, September 10th in Chicago (also known as ground zero for sacrilege and moral failings): https://www.canceledpriests.org/event/reparation-now-uncancel-the-faithful/ If we don’t stand up and make reparation for sacrilege against the Eucharist, first and foremost, we deserve all we get. I hope you will be there if you are able and I hope you will bring your friends. I don’t ask this often, but this is important, so please share and keep this event in your prayers!

I’m hoping with acts of reparation after acts of reparation, maybe some of these cardinals and bishops will ditch their clericalism and elitism and beg for God’s mercy. A girl can pray.

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