27 December 2019

A Child's Mind Cannot Process the Abstract Term, Gender Identity

Satan has taken control of the Toronto Catholic District School Board! Nouns have genders. Humans have two sexes, male and female!

From Every Day For Life Canada

Recently, I got an email from a person who is afraid of revealing their name. The have thrity years of teaching experience with the Catholic board. The email is about the TCDSB trustees controversial and anti-Catholic vote to include gender identity in the code of conduct. We share the message with our readers:
Let’s talk about how this gender stuff will look like on the ground...that is in the classroom...Johnny comes in dressed as a girl...the teacher has to say to the kids sitting around... 'Children remember Johnny, yesterday was a boy but today he feels like a girl so we will be calling him Joanne...'.. I have been teaching children of all ages for 30 years and I see them, look at them, think about them and know how they will react to such an event ....they will be shocked beyond belief....their anxiety will display itself in many ways...nervousness, inability to do any work, to concentrate, to settle, to listen..and any time they look at Joanne it will be renewed...this is also about an increase in cortisol...that hormone from the adrenal glad...it will be impossible for them to learn anything..there is lots of scientific evidence of the effect of cortisol on learning...
So...while Johnny’s parents may think they are doing him a favour acceding to his wishes..they are inadvertently hurting him...making him the source of anxiety in his class and even in the whole school...putting a target on his back.....While the only solution to such issues is to ask for real professional help to delay such feelings until Johnny is old enough...perhaps until he is 25 years old, when even the insurance companies say his brain has finished growing and is mature enough to make such life changing decisions...And that’s when the insurance companies give you a normal rate...as opposed to a higher, riskier, young person’s rate....Which also goes to the fact that children’s feelings change from day to day...'Today he’s my best friend...and tomorrow it’s somebody else'...
Children are concrete thinkers for many years...they cannot deal with these issues without feeling afraid that what happened to Johnny will happen to them. When I was teaching 4 year olds...for 20 years actually...I noticed early that they had no prejudice or awareness about skin colour until I had some student teachers from Belgium try a lesson about the topic...asking them to colour their hand tracer with the colour of crayon they were themselves...beige, brown dark brown, yellow...pink etc..After that activity I noticed their conversations changed to reflect the colour of skin which had been pointed out to them...this did not help for class peace or cohesiveness.... A child's mind cannot deal with these adult sexual ideas...they are traumatized....are in fact abused...by the adults around them who are pushing gender fluidity and expression. A child’s mind, emotions, psyche, soul, if you will is delicate...it must be respected if you want to have happy, fully functioning, useful, compassionate, human beings and citizens.
Thank you. 
We saw firsthand what Catholic inclusion looks like at the special Trustee board meeting held December 23rd. The agenda was to make Trustee Michael Del Grande apologize for calling gender identity "evil." The entire meeting was biased in favour of the Toronto Elementary Catholic Teachers union president Julie Altomare-Di Nunzio and lgbtq activist and former TCDSB student Kyle Iannuzzi. How do I know? Both of these presenters were received in a positive and welcoming manner. They were even given extra time to explain their "inclusive" positions. Iannuzzi talked about the need to celebrate unisex washrooms like they have at Yorkdale Mall. Di Nunzio said she represented all Catholic teachers in her unit. Tell me why we don’t believe that?

The other five delegates who spoke on behalf of Michael Del Grande and the children were given a difficult time, interrupted from speaking and vilified. Parents need to wake up if they wish to keep the TCDSB at all Catholic. The 8 trustees that voted for gender identity are now going do all they can to make sure that schools are "Catholic" in name only. So, why have them? And those who will be hurt the most are sadly the innocent children. The silence from the local Church also speaks loud and clear. If parents want to see what the inclusive, tolerant and equity Catholic schools will be like, they can see it in the dysfunctional, divisive and anti-Catholic meeting of Dec. 23rd. May God help the children and the future of Catholic education in Ontario/Canada.

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