26 November 2019

Persecution Continues for Polish Catholic Teen

The LGBTQXYZ fascists never give up! The police and prosecutor say there is no crime, but they want him charged and his behaviour monitored.

From Church Militant

By David Nussman

PŁOCK, Poland (ChurchMilitant.com) - Legal trouble continues for the Catholic teen who stood up to the LGBT agenda in Poland.

In August, Polish 15-year-old Jakub Baryła became a Catholic social media sensation when photo and video surfaced showing him blocking an LGBT parade in the city of Płock, standing in the street holding a crucifix wrapped in Rosary beads over his head.

He refused to budge, and the riot police protecting the LGBT march lifted Baryła up and carried him away.

Many Catholics praised the young man's courage, with some calling Baryła a "hero" and his action "emblematic."

But politically correct forces are going after the teen for his actions defending the Faith. In a YouTube video published on Nov. 22 (which, if you click on the link, you will discover has since removed-JW) Baryła announced that the Monitoring Center on Racist and Xenophobic Behavior in Warsaw has doubled down on pushing for a court-assigned officer to monitor his behavior.

He explained that the Center has "appealed against the court's decision to discontinue the case for granting me a probation officer."
Baryła gave further details in an interview Monday with conservative news website wPolityce:

First, the police refused to initiate proceedings, because they decided that they did not see signs of a criminal act. The district prosecutor's office refused to initiate proceedings for the same reason. However, the judgment is not final, due to the fact that the decision was appealed by the Monitoring Center for Racist and Xenophobic Behavior.
His parents have been summoned to court on Dec. 11 for questioning.

"My alleged interests will be represented by a probation officer," he explained, "so I have reason to believe that it will be more of a case of accusation against my parents than a defense of anything."

When Baryła disrupted the LGBT pride march in August, the Monitoring Center accused his parents of indoctrination: "It seems that the parents have been indoctrinating their child for a long time."

The nongovernmental organization portrayed the 15-year-old as a pawn of right-wing parents, declaring, "Irresponsible parents have jeopardized the life and health of their 15-year-old child by sending him to a riot to intentionally hinder the police."

However, the teenager said he acted totally of his own accord: "I hereby declare that no one sent me to this blockade, and my parents have mostly rather leftist views," he stated on Twitter in August.

"I am 15 years old, but I understand the reality that surrounds me, and I can make decisions consciously," he added.

In his recent YouTube video, Baryła referred to the organization taking action against him and his parents as "the Center for the Propagation of Marxist and Anti-Catholic Thoughts — as the Center should be called."

He went on to say:

I feel very humiliated because it is pertaining not only to me, but also six more people, specifically those who threw blasphemies during the march of equality; so this is putting the Holy Cross on an equal footing with the blasphemy, and me on an equal footing with the blasphemers.
"The Center behaved as usual — fascistically," Baryła continued. "For fascism, as Mussolini said, is everything in the country, nothing but the country, nothing against the country. If 'everything in the country' is a family too, then the state can interfere with the family, and the Center also puts its hand on it."

Baryła asked viewers to pray for him, his family and their intentions. He also asked for prayers "for the intention of 'Reds' from the Center, that they will come to their senses and repent — spiritually and politically."

"God bless you and may the Lord be with you," he said in closing. "I wish you all the best."
When Baryła took his stand in August, it was just days after Abp. Marek Jędraszewski of Kraków gave a homily strongly condemning the LGBT agenda.

Both Baryła's actions and Abp. Jędraszewski's homily became focal points of the struggle underway, both in Poland and in the Catholic Church, between LGBT ideology and the Catholic Faith.

On Aug. 1, the Kraków archbishop said Poland is experiencing "a siege from the 'rainbow plague' of LGBT activism," which he compared to the "red plague" of communism.

Controversy ensued over Abp. Jędraszewski's remarks. Some slammed his comments as bigoted and incendiary, while thousands of faithful Catholics rallied in Kraków to pray and show their support for the archbishop.

Likewise, Baryła's actions drew criticism from allies of the LGBT agenda but strong support from fellow Catholics.

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