Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Great Grandson of Blessed Kaiser Karl Talks About His Faith

Blessed Karl's son, Otto, was my youngest daughter's Godfather.

From The Eponymous Flower

Race car driver and Kaiser Karl's great grandson: "The teaching of the Catholic Church helps me to keep developing my relationship with my Creator continuously."

Vienna ( "The teaching of the Catholic Church helps me to keep developing my relationship with my Creator, and keeps reminding me that there is more to it than what can be grasped by the Hands.” With clear words, racer and Kaiser-great-grandson Ferdinand Habsburg gave an interview with "News" about his Catholic faith. According to his observations, the happier people are all spiritual. A special model of faith for him was his grandfather, Otto von Habsburg. Only at the age of 19 did Ferdinand become a confirmand, which at the time, he was very convinced about and ready for the important Sacrament. For the first time two years ago, where he had consciously sensed that there was a God. In the meantime, he has found his spiritual home in the Catholic Church. "Anyway, I'm certainly praying on a daily basis." Once upon a time somebody mentioned my belief on the plane because he noticed that I was praying the rosary, which was an interesting conversation.” On Sundays and public holidays, he goes to Holy Mass regularly, but sometimes he likes to go to Church alone to pray.

When asked how he would explain to an atheist the need to believe, Habsburg said: "An atheist believes that there is no God. I truly believe that He exists. The existence of God can not be scientifically proven, but neither that he does not exist. We all believe in something, and in that sense I do not need to explain anything to him, because he has this need to believe, just like me, except that he just believes that there is only here and now." But he does not want to force anyone to be a believer. This is not possible. But for him, it would be nice if, through his faith and example, he would get some one to engage with God and find his way to Him.

Trans: Tancred

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