Monday, 29 April 2019

Alan Jones Blasts Labor’s Gender Policy ‘Lunacy’ (Audio at Link)

A voice of sanity against the utter insanity of Bill Shorten’s Australian Labor (sic) Party

From 2GB 873AM

Alan Jones has slammed the Labor Party’s proposed gender policy, which could reportedly see more children undergoing sex changes.

Some doctors are fearful the policy means there could be sanctions against any GP who resists sending a child to an approved clinic that practises hormone treatment and chemical castration.

The policy will also see the creation of a National Gender Centre, as well as the appointment of a Commissioner for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

But Alan Jones says the policy goes too far.

“What confusion and damage are we doing to young kids?

“There are gender confused children, that’s a matter for families and psychologists, not for the Labor Party.

“Bill Shorten’s gone too far on this policy lunacy.”

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