31 May 2024

10 Ways to Restore June to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

June was dedicated to the Sacred Heart long before Satan dedicated it to sin and perversion. Let's reclaim it!

From One Peter Five

By Timothy Flanders, MA

The month of June belongs to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

It’s already been claimed for His Majesty for centuries, and the Kingdom of His Sacred and Eucharistic Heart already holds sway over the universe since His glorious Ascension to His Throne – how much more a single month in the calendar year?

Our readers don’t need to be made aware what this month has become.

The good news is that when you look at it, it almost feels like God already knew this filth would happen, and already charged June with the liturgical power necessary to soften hardened hearts, and save souls and societies.

From the Apostles Fast, to the Octave of Corpus Christi, the Sacred Heart in the center, with the summer bonfire for St. John (that proto-martyr for marriage!) and Peter and Paul, culminating in First Vespers of the Feast of the Precious Blood (whose collect is an invocation against demons).

From Chadiwck’s wonderful book published by the marvelous St. Augustine’s Academy Press

It dawned on me recently, that our two lay sodalities, the Crusade of Eucharistic Reparation and the Fellowship of St. Nicholas, act with one purpose in this month, according to the first intentions of our Patroness, Our Lady of Fatima under her Russian icon. And so we’re spending all of June focusing on the spiritual greatness thereof, and this June is only the beginning.

1. Restore the Apostles Fast in your Domestic Church and Parish

We wonder why there is so much demonic activity in our society. Actually, His Majesty has already explained that: a demon of this kind is not cast out but by prayer and fasting (Mt. xvii. 20).

Let’s swallow the hard truth: it is because of our lukewarm penance that God is punishing us by unleashing demons in society. Read the Holy Scriptures (start with Judges). Read the message of Fatima.

This is how this works.

The answer is simple, but not easy. If we do not do penance, God will continue to pour out His wrath until we do. Therefore, brethren in Christ, hear the word of the Lord from the greatest of Prophets:

Ye brood of vipers, who hath shewed you to flee from the wrath to come? Bring forth therefore fruit worthy of penance. And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham for our father. For I tell you that God is able of these stones to raise up children to Abraham. For now the axe is laid to the root of the trees. Every tree therefore that doth not yield good fruit, shall be cut down, and cast into the fire (Mt. iii. 7-10).

I know fasting is hard – that’s the point. But don’t worry, you can join our lay sodality (English and Spanish) to do it together with other traditional Catholics from around the world! Fasting has a long tradition in Christendom of being done together to strengthen ourselves to complete it, and to corporately petition God.

The manifesto of our lay sodality

OK, fine, but what is the Apostles Fast? It’s one of the things that God gave us in June centuries before June was usurped by Satan.

One of the most ancient features of June is the great feast of Peter and Paul. This is a universal feast on June 29, in both the Latin and Greek rites, which includes a significant fast of preparation from Monday after Trinity through the Vigil of Ss. Peter and Paul, June 28. This fast is not as strict as Lent, and the Latin custom was always a local custom (like St. Michael’s or St. Martin’s Lent).

If you can’t make the whole month, you can still join our sodality and follow the Tier 1 rules (required), and just add a little for the Apostles Fast every June: add Wednesday abstinence to Friday this year. Next year, add Mondays too, etc.

It’s better to attempt some fasting for penance and reparation with good intent and fail, than to do nothing during June. We have to make reparation to Almighty God for sins committed in June, which cry to heaven for vengeance. Do you want fire to come down from heaven and consume your city? I sure don’t. So let’s act like it.

And this fast is a perfect opportunity – in the month of the Octave of Corpus Christi before the Feast of the Precious Blood! – to offer fasting as Eucharistic Reparation in line with our central lay sodality, founded by Athanasius Schneider.

2. You Do Not Need Permission from Clerics (much less the secular government!) to Exercise your Parental Rights

Our children must grow up knowing what June is all about. In fact, they should feel excited every year for this great month because of what you tell them and what you do as a family this month (more on domestic church customs coming soon). As our contributing editor, Dr Joseph Shaw notes in his important text, “what they fear is thousands of little platoons of families fighting against them.” Let’s overturn the tyrannous, clericalisthyperüberultramontanist regime in Church and State! It’s easy as a mustard seed.

What I need to stress here is that parents have a duty to form their children in the Faith and educate them, which creates a corresponding right – given directly from God to the parent – to protect their children from demonic attack. And God will judge you, O Parent, if you fail to exercise this right.

Therefore fear God, and not the store manager or police officer they called.

Fear God, and not your angry bishop or priest.

Fear God, and not jail time.

This is that serious. If this sounds extreme, you’re either not a parent or you have not grasped how evil the demons really are, and how much they delight in destroying children’s hearts. If they cannot murder children in the womb and prevent their baptism, fallen angels desire to feast on the souls of children more than anyone else. Just as Our Lord loves children best, the demons hate children the most, consumed with envy that they will inherit the thrones in heaven lost by the demons.

Therefore, O Parents, understand your rights and duties before God, then do what your gut instinct tells you to do, for the sake of your children. Obviously you should follow the law, but you should also disobey unjust laws.

Moreover, no clerics can tell us what to do in this area, since this is the temporal domain, ruled by lay people. It’s not their business to tell us how to raise our children and defend them from demons, and this is explicitly confirmed in Magisterial documents, even out of Vatican II (see Lumen GentiumApstolicam Actuositatem, and even Gaudium et Spes).

The Vatican has no right to tell Ugandan lay rulers how to rule the temporal order – that’s the lay domain by the Vatican’s own definition.[1]

3. You Don’t Need Clerical Permission to form a Lay Sodality

Once you’ve shaken your mind out of our clericalisthyperüberultramontanist era, understand that no lay group needs permission from a priest to form a lay sodality. These have always been the backbone of Christianising the temporal order – Guilds themselves arose from lay fraternities and sodalities.

Once you’ve committed to something in your domestic church – fasting, reparation, boycotts, etc. – the next step is to form a lay sodality in your parish.

So what is a lay sodality?

It’s merely a group of lay people who organise regular prayer and pious works on their own initiative. If a cleric tries to interfere, you can quote to him Vatican II.[2] God willing, you have a priest who is not a clericalist hyperüberultramontanist and he can support your lay sodality. But if not, carry on with your sodality, and understand this is your right and duty directly from God by your Confirmation.

4. You Don’t Need Clerical Permission for a Public Procession

Again, God already dedicated June to marches in honour of His Eucharistic Heart. We’ve been doing this for centuries. We are deeply grateful that more bishops are finally promoting Corpus Christi Processions. But this is just the beginning. We need lay-led processions more and more, with or without clerical involvement. This is a strong tradition in Christendom, along with all sorts of pageantry and plays, put together by the lay sodalities and Guilds (again, see the video linked above about Guilds).

So once you have your lay sodality set up, why not organise a procession during the Octave of Corpus Christi (which leads up to the feast of the Sacred Heart) in honour of Christ the King? The Sacred Heart should already be enthroned as King of your Home. Now enthrone Him in the “liturgy of the streets.” Make Banners, crosses, learn a bunch of hymns, then process down main street and show everyone the splendor of truth!

Our Spanish brethren know how to do this.

I guarantee you – even Protestants will thank you for this.

5. Retake God’s Glorious Sign from Satan

This brings us to something that to me, seems essential to include in the banners and signs that you make for your procession: the rainbow. Not the Satanic, inverted rainbow, but God’s rainbow.

He instituted it HIMSELF. It belongs to Almighty God for thousands of years. Period. Full stop.

One of the most conspicuous features of this glorious sign of God – in contrast to its Satanic inversion – is that it is curved. This is how it appears in the natural world (besides the fact that the true sign has seven colours, unlike the Satanic version which only has six, predictably).

Here’s a beautiful depiction from Mrs. Michael Harrison in her traditional liturgy of the home calendar:

Notice the curved rainbow, as God intended it.

If you do a procession for the Sacred Heart in June and fly this banner, everyone will take notice. And the fallen angels will hate it.

6. Reach out to your friend or family member now who identifies as “LGBT”

At this point in this article let’s take a step back and marvel at how Jesus Christ revealed His Sacred and Eucharistic Heart to us and created this month for His glory. For it is this Heart, wounded for our transgression, that softens every evil heart – starting with our own. His Heart is the lover of souls, Who leaves the ninety-nine sheep to go to find the one lost sheep and rejoices to find him; Who sheds his Precious Blood to save us. O how precious and loved is one single soul created by God!

We must remember that the people who march in “Pride parades” are persons formed in the image of God. They desperately need the love of the Sacred Heart. It may seem impossible to reach someone like this, but just reach out in faith and let Jesus Christ do the work. These people need love and compassion – that’s the first truth they need to hear and feel, much like the rest of us. They need someone who is willing to be their friend and love them no matter what. Then you can tell them the whole truth, if their hearts are open to it. This is especially a duty of charity for those who are not parents, I think, who can spend the time necessary to cultivate a friendship like this.

Don’t forget – against the lies of James Martin – that the Church has done this for decades (with success!) in the apostolate known as Courage International. This helps souls who struggle with Same Sex Attraction (SSA) and other such afflictions, with the love of the Sacred Heart. If you do know someone who has an open heart to facing their SSA as a faithful Catholic, direct them here to Courage and keep Christian friendship with them.

7. Observe the Octave of Corpus Christi

The feast of the Sacred Heart was revealed by Christ to be directly connected to this Octave, which also resulted, logically, in the Feast of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, and His Excellency has expressed his desire with his crusade for a “Day of Reparation for Crimes Against the Most Holy Eucharist” in each diocese as the octave day of Corpus Christi.

So June revolves around, and hinges on, this Octave. Again, just because Ven. Pius XII tragically attacked this Octave, does not mean lay people are obliged to throw it down the memory hole too. There are many ways to do this, and you can restore old customs (and make up your own new ones!) for your domestic church, lay sodality and parish. God willing, we will have an article on this coming soon. But here’s some ideas right now:

8. Boycotts Have Actually Worked In the Past

As we discuss below: Catholics have a good history in these United States (and elsewhere) of bringing the heretics to their knees by attacking their idolatry to money.

What we need here is not just public statements about a boycott, but an actual boycott. This kind of social action flows directly from the lay sodality. All you do is create a requirement that all members boycott this or that thing, and commit to it. Start in your domestic church, then go to your lay sodality, your parish, your diocese, and see where it goes from there.

If you are starting on the national level of any country, and think that you need to create a massive project, you’re not thinking like a Catholic – subsidiarity in the key. The Mustard Seed will conquer Empires, as it already has in history again and again.

9. Reserve a Billboard for Next Year

This is a very expensive, but highly effective thing that you can do from your lay sodality. Raise the money to reserve one for next June. Along the same lines, create bumper stickers like “June Belongs to the Sacred Heart,” etc.

10. Commit Now to a Penitential Pilgrimage – Offer it up for a Person Who Identifies as “LGBT”!

We have to seriously commit to doing the penance necessary to merit the grace for a single soul who is afflicted like this. Maybe you don’t even know someone like this – then offer it up for someone you don’t know! Read about the great Christian tradition of pilgrimage and find one now to commit to every year (stay tuned for more on this at OnePeterFive). Or go to Holy Communion every Friday in June for the same intention. In fact, if you haven’t already completed the First Friday devotions, tomorrow is your Holy Day of Opportunity! If you’ve already completed this devotion, commit to every First Friday for the rest of your life and offer it up for this intention and for those who have not done this devotion.

11. Bonus: Share this and all our June Articles and Podcasts!

This whole month we are dedicating to these issues, according to the intentions of our patrons and lay sodalities. So this last one is easy: just share this post on social media now and subscribe to our mailing list. Then get off the internet and get on your knees.

This article was originally published in June of MMXXIII. 

[1] The only way a cleric can interfere in the temporal order is when the lay rulers commit a clear and public sin, such as Joe Biden advocating child murder. Otherwise, this is the lay domain, not the clerical domain. But we live in a clericalisthyperüberultramontanist era, and very few (clerics or lay) seem to understand this (even when Vatican II itself shouts it!) and this is most conspicuous in the death penalty controversy.

[2] “The laity must not be deprived of the possibility of acting on their own accord” (Apostolicam Actuositatem, 24).

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