27 June 2023

Klaus Schwab Praises Communist China’s ‘Achievements,’ Wants To Learn From Premier’s ‘Vision’

I assume he wants to learn from Li and Xi's 'vision' of total control using a social credit system or how to harvest organs from Uighurs and other slaves.

From LifeSiteNews

By Andreas Wailzer

 he World Economic Forum chairman praised the oppressive communist nation, saying that it 'has made remarkable achievements in economy, in social development, in diplomacy, and in many other areas.'

 Klaus Schwab, the founder and chairman of the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF), has once again praised the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for its “achievements.”

During the opening speech at the WEF’s “Summer Davos” taking place in Tianjin, China, Schwab spoke fondly of the CCP’s second-ranking member, Li Qiang, who also took part in the event. 

The WEF founder told Li that “we are eager to learn from your vision on China and the world.” 

“Premier Li is the eighth premier of the People’s Republic of China and a member of the Chinese Communist Party’s Politburo Standing Committee,” Schwab explained. 

“Premier Li took his office this March at China’s National People’s Congress at a critical moment when China adopted new COVID control measures and started to boost economic development, social dynamism, and international cooperation,” he continued. 

Schwab praised the communist country — something he has done multiple times before — saying that it “has made remarkable achievements in economy, in social development, in diplomacy, and in many other areas.”

The WEF founder noted that his organization has “over 40 years of friendly and extensive partnership with China, today’s second-largest economy in the world,” and stressed that WEF “will continue to fight fragmentation and strive for dialogue, understanding, and collaboration as we stand for a future where nations have to work together for the collective wellbeing for humanity.” 

“We appreciate the long-term support from our Chinese friends, from many ministers who are here with us today as well; thank you for your participation,” he stated. 

The CCP’s “vision for China and the world” that Schwab was eager to learn from includes putting “security” as the most important issue in the hierarchy of priorities, as Li, who took the stage after Schwab, stressed in his speech. 

“As a responsible major country, China has all along stood firmly on the right side of history and on the side of human progress,” the Chinese premier claimed. 

A major part of China’s security state is its social credit system that punishes citizens for what the CCP deems bad behavior. By utilizing mass surveillance software, like camera networks with facial recognition and other biometric AI tools, the Chinese government has set up an “Orwellian system of mass surveillance and predictive policing,” according to the International Consortium of Journalists. 

Moreover, the Chinese Communist government viciously persecutes ethnic and religious minorities, including Catholics and the Muslim Uighurs population. 

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Li also addressed the COVID crisis, saying that “COVID-19 will not be the last public health crisis the world faces.” 

He furthermore stated that “Global public health governance needs to be enhanced.” 

In a recently published Insight Report, the WEF admitted that digital IDs can facilitate “the identification, surveillance, and persecution of individuals or groups,” while still strongly enhancing the widespread implementation of digital IDs and digital currencies. 

Under China’s Communist government, which appears to be a role model for Schwab, oppression and persecution through digital surveillance are already a reality. 

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