Saturday, 27 February 2021

“Let’s Stop Demanding Perfection From Potential Allies.”

One of my pet peeves. In fact I wrote an entire post on it a couple of years ago, Making the Perfect the Enemy of the Good. It is a recipe for certain defeat in the Culture War.

From Fr Z's Blog

Over at The Remnant – they are upping their tech game there – Michael Matt has a video “From The Editor’s Desk” in which he makes a critically important point for all of us to consider … and then embrace.

The front part of the video gets into the politics of the swamp, etc.

Since I am a victim of the New catholic Red Guard campaign of online cancel terror, the part I am really interested starts at about 19:10:

“And by the way… we gotta get ready for war here. Let’s stop demanding perfection from potential allies, now, who are really rushing toward our side of the battlefield. They’re just waking up. They said crazy things not that long ago…. Let’s anticipate these people, shall we?”

Keep watching.  He has some good examples.

(I can't format it or download it, but here's the link to the video)

Libs are able to put aside small differences to work together. They want to tear down and they want all the help they can get. Conservatives, however, tend to defend their little wrinkle of turf and fight against others soooo close to them, but with a slightly different view of the battlefield. In the words of my old pastor, “They couldn’t organize a bird cage.”

Not the Left. Oh no. Look at how well networked and organized they are.

Michael Matt’s message is dead on target.

Let’s not make the perfect into the enemy of the good. We have to work together.

The Left might be woke, but we have to welcome to our lines those who are waking up.

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