27 October 2020

Why I Call the SNP the 'Scots Natsis'?

Because their Fascist/Nazi roots run deep, and because they are violently anti-English racists.

In January 1939, Douglas Young, who led the SNP from 1942 to 1945, wrote, "If Hitler could neatly remove our imperial breeks somehow and thus dissipate the mirage of Imperial partnership with England etc he would do a great service to Scottish Nationalism." In August 1940, Young wrote, "The Germans will look around for aborigines to run Scotland and it is to be wished that the eventual administration consist of people who have in the past shown themselves to care for the interests of Scotland."

Gavin Bowd, author of Fascist Scotland: Caledonia and the Far Rightcomments, "Young thus showed the ambivalent, to say the least, attitude of Scottish Nationalists towards Fascism. Hatred of the English led to the downplaying of the Fascist threat to freedom and peace, while more radical Nationalists could be attracted to the authoritarian and xenophobic solutions offered by the Führer and the Duce." Bowd details the treacherous activities of leading Scottish separatists during World War Two.

Similarly, the SNP policy of `independence in Europe' has rotten roots. After World War Two, Oswald Mosley's new slogan was `Europe a nation'. Mosley's British Union of Fascists was the first party in Britain to call for European union. Mosley's most loyal lieutenant, the Scot Raven Thomson, the BUF's Director of Policy, pursued a policy of `Scotland in Europe'.

The pro-separatist, anti-communist Scottish League for European Freedom championed former SS men from the Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic States. MI6 sent some of these war criminals back into their homelands to commit terrorist attacks, but the Soviet Union swiftly rounded them up and executed them.

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