29 October 2020

Imagine Wanting to Eliminate the Spirit of an Entire Ethnic Group or Gender

From Merriam-Webster - 'Definition of genocide: the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group.' Note the lack of mention of murder or killing.

From Daffey Thoughts

By David Griffey

If you can't, just read the headline of actress Gwyneth Paltrow saying she believes our society is done with a patriarchy of white men.

Let that sink in. Really. Just for a minute don't scoff, but consider those words and the ease with which they are stated. Pretend for a minute that it isn't an actress. Remember that such an attitude is being taught as a matter of course today - in our schools, colleges, media, popular culture. It's even talked about by political leaders, corporate interests and, yes, religious, Christian and even Catholic leaders.

Imagine saying any other society should be done with the influence of any other ethnic group. Or that we're done with matriarchy here or women there. Heaven forfend we say we're done with homosexual this or transgender that. You'd be fired where you sat. If you were a celebrity you'd be finished. Any high profile individual saying the same thing about any other groups would pay the ultimate price for even musing on such thing. And yet this can be said about White men with the ease Joseph Goebbels had when speaking of the problem of Jewishness.

I find it interesting that Caucasians from Europe and in America have no right ot have a civilization. I often say that was the turning point in America. At some point the Supreme Court ruled that America as founded doesn't have a right to exist as a singular culture. That either started, or reflected, the growing idea that America, as founded by a largely European and Christian culture, was not allowed to exist.

In the decades that followed, the Left seized this and ran with it. Today they speak of the problem of Whiteness the same way Nazis spoke of the problem of Jewishness. Any other culture can, of course, exist. Chinese civilization can be Chinese, as can Japanese culture be dominant in Japan. Indian culture in India is fine, and not an Arabic nation has a problem being dominated by Arabic culture. We bemoan African cultures not being able to be African, and celebrate when Latin American nations embrace their Latin American or, even better, Native American cultural roots to the exclusion of all others.

But 'White' in America - or Europe - has no right to exist. Increasingly, and with blinding speed, we see that European and American civilization, dominated by Caucasians with Christian roots, have no right to be. If it's white, it's bad. If it's male, it's bad. If it's white male, it's almost unforgivable. And we won't even get into the Christian angle of it all. Just consider Ms. Paltrow's easy statement and its acceptance in our modern discourse.

Again, that's straight out of the Nazi playbook, as so much of the modern Left increasingly appears. We get all obsessed with the Left being Marxist this or Communist that. But it isn't that simple. The Left has spent decades dumbing society down, and to that end, any appeal to the lowest, the worst, the basest is up for grabs. It's worked to turn Americans into drugged up, sexxed up, godless narcissists. It's also begun to add to the list of lowest common attitudes. That includes race hate, sexism, and even genocide in its purest sense. Not genocide in the sense of rounding people up and sending them to gas chambers. But genocide in singling out an entire ethnic group, declaring it unclean and a pox upon society, and openly calling for its eradication for the betterment of the beautiful people.

It is not only the ease with which this has happened that is stunning. But it's the demand that we embrace such attitudes about the designated genders, ethnic group, or culture that shows the effectiveness of advancing evil when you have all the cards in a given culture. I know this seems almost hyperbolic, but it isn't. This is pure genocide, the desire to eradicate a culture, an ethnic group, a civilization. And it isn't just condoned or allowed by the powers that be, increasingly it's mandated.

"Abolishing whiteness has never been more urgent", Mark LeVine, writing for Al Jazeera.

From Merriam-Webster. Note the lack of the words 'kill' or 'murder'

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