27 July 2019

Freedom of Speech Is Under Attack in Canada

It's under attack everywhere by the loony left, but the attack is very advanced in Canada.

From Everyday For Life Canada 

Real Women of Canada (RWC) recently issued a press release that the mainstream media didn't cover. Why? Because the message isn't politically correct. The Justin Trudeau Liberals want to make sure with their $600 million slush fund the media knows where their bread is buttered. Yes, money talks best, but in this case it silences just as well. The Liberal government's trend to censor is worrisome given the fact that 2019 is a federal election year. We share the RWC Media Release with our readers:

The Suffocation of Freedom of Speech in Canada
The Suspension of Senator Lynn Beyak from the Senate
The suspension of Senator Lynn Beyak, for approximately three months without pay, from the Senate because of her posting five controversial letters on her website relating to indigenous matters, indicates that the walls are closing in on freedom of speech in Canada.
Canadians are no longer able to freely speak on abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, indigenous affairs, feminism, immigration or climate change. Should they deviate from the politically correct narrative of these issues, they are silenced and labeled as anti-women, homophobic, transphobic, hateful, racist and deniers, and in some cases, subject to punishment by the state.
There is a vital difference between legitimate dissent, by speaking out on one’s beliefs, and the incitement of hatred. This fine line appears to have been crossed in Canada by the interpretation of politically incorrect comments as “hatred”.
The Senate’s Ethics Officer, who concluded that the controversial letters posted by the Senator on her website were “racist”, has himself included, in Appendix A in his report, these same controversial letters in their entirety on his website. Can one conclude from this that the letters are not the real issue?
Perhaps the real issue is that Senator Beyak raised serious questions about Canada’s indigenous policies, about which there is abundant evidence indicating that they are not working. It is part of the legal responsibility of a senator to raise issues brought to their attention by the Canadian public. For this, she is being bizarrely expelled from the Senate.
The shutting down of debate on controversial issues, such as indigenous matters, does not solve problems. Free speech, which should include input from the public, is necessary in a democracy in order to formulate successful policies.
It is time that the pervasive denial of freedom of speech, a right under the Charter, be halted so that all Canadians can be involved in policy issues, not just party leaders and the bureaucracy.
Here are the messages posted on Senator Lynn Beyak's website that Canadians should be restricted from hearing, sharing or reading. Instead of censoring, why not let Canadians decide for themselves if the content is "racist?" We don't view the messages as racist. What do you think?
“Do not back down, the Indians, First Nations or whatever they want to be called have milked this issue to their decided advantage,” states another dated Mar. 30, 2017.
“This mood will only grow with Justin Trudeau running around doing selfies with minority groups,” states a letter dated Mar. 9, 2017.
“The handouts have taken their people nowhere, and their constant backward-looking mentality serves no useful purpose,” states a letter dated Mar. 30, 2017.
“I’m no anthropologist but it seems every opportunistic culture, subsistence hunter/gatherers seeks to get what they can for no effort. There is always a clash between an industrial/ organized farming culture that values effort as opposed to a culture that will sit and wail until the government gives them stuff,” reads a letter dated Mar. 10, 2017. “Aboriginals seem to be well schooled in getting media pity and they have become very good at getting media coverage.”
“To expect the Canadian government to continue to subsidize a culture which is often damaging to new generations of Indigenous youth, is just bizarre,” reads another letter dated Mar. 30, 2017.

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