29 November 2022

Virtue Failure by Leftist Actress

Alyssa Milano sold her Tesla because Musk supports 'white supremacy' and bought a Volkswagen! You literally can't make this stuff up!

From The European Conservative

By Sven R. Larson

Numerous commentators pointed out the ironic aspect of her act of virtue signaling. One commentator noted VW's history with using Jewish forced labor during World War II.

American actress Alyssa Milano was concerned that Elon Musk’s decision to open Twitter to free speech would support ‘white supremacy.’ According to Breitbart, since Musk also owns electric-vehicle manufacturer Tesla, Milano decided to protest his promotion of free speech by selling her Tesla:

Leftist celebrity Alyssa Milano was brutally mocked online for an “epic virtue signal fail” after announcing her decision to swap her Tesla for a Nazi-founded Volkswagen to dissociate from “hate and white supremacy.”

Milano was so happy with her VW that she took to Musk-owned Twitter to express her love for it:

Numerous commentators pointed out an ironic aspect of her act of virtue signaling. One commentator noted VW’s history with using Jewish forced labor during World War II:

In an archived story from 1939, British newspaper The Guardian tells the story of how Adolf Hitler himself “ordered his leading motor engineers to design a small cheap car” for the German people. Some twitter commentators, responding to Alyssa Milano’s virtuous tweet, included a picture of Adolf Hitler and the first VW model, designed by the company’s founder Ferdinand Porsche:

Hitler’s involvement in the founding of Volkswagen extended beyond ordering the car to be developed. According to the Times of Israel, the city of Wolfsburg, where the Volkswagen group is headquartered, was founded per order of the Third Reich leader:

When established in 1938 to build the People’s Car on Adolf Hitler’s orders, Wolfsburg carried an unwieldy name that translates as “Town of the ‘Strength Through Joy’ Car Near Fallersleben.” With the use of foreign forced laborers, prisoners of war, and concentration camp prisoners, the Volkswagen factory was quickly built.

During the war, much of the production capacity was used to produce hardware for the military of the Third Reich.

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